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12:04 pm Thu, 2nd October 2003

I was just sitting here at work, wondering why on earth my stomach was growling at me. I checked the time – only 11:40am – too early for lunch. Then I remember…. I hadn’t had breakfast yet. I’d forgotten to have it, AND I forgot that I forgot to have it! Aiyah.

I’m almost 3 months from being a quarter of a century. Eek! I’m getting old.. I just know it. And its starting to show – I’m getting tired earlier in the night, taking longer to recover from late nights, my skin needs more care to maintain, and I’m becoming forgetful…

*sigh* Methinks it’s time for an early lunch

Current listening :: “Virtual Insanity” – Jamiroquai (Hmm, taking a look at my recent entries, I’ve been really into the jazz/funk/blues sorta stuff lately.. its all I’ve been listening to!)

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