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The pain

4:40 pm Fri, 21st November 2003

I am soooo sore today. This morning, I got out of bed and I wasn’t sure if my legs were gonna hold me up. And yes, this is all due to dance class on Wed night. I guess it takes a day to hit me. And I guess I’m not as fit (or at least my muscles aren’t as strong/toned) as I’d hoped.

I must look very silly, plodding up the aisle at work to the kitchen or toilet, looking like I’ve a stick stuck up my *cough* backside, or perhaps like my legs have been replaced by a wooden ragdolls legs. Meh. Its the inner thighs that are killing me. Never underestimate the power of a plie.

Methinks I’ll take a trip to the gym soon, to stretch out those muscles and have a much needed steam in the sauna.

At least its the weekend finally…. yay!! I’m gonna hopefully be watching LOTR The Two Towers (Extended Edition) on dvd tomorrow!! *crosses fingers*

Current listening :: “Into You” – Fabolous Ft Tamia

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