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10:32 am Wed, 10th December 2003

Long time no post again. I always seem to miss the first few days of the week. Anyway, I took a day off yesterday so I have an excuse this time. 🙂

I had a very fun-filled weekend. Went clubbing on Fri AND Sat night! Two nights in a row.. don’t think I’ve ever done that before! Me and a girlfriend went to Twisted @ Cave on Fri night (not bad really, the music was pretty good, not too crowded coz we got there at like 2am, lots of room to move n groove), and then to Juicy @ Minc on Sat night (pretty crowded, and absolutely stinking hot… they really need to get some ventilation going in there). My thighs were so sore by Sunday.

I also went to Maroubra beach (and swam) on Sunday with some friends, which was fun in a masochistic sorta way – it was absolutely freezing! T’was a cloudy, windy and not-very-warm day.

Well. Nothing much to blog really. I had a dentists appointment yesterday (checkup and clean) – which I always hate. And will be going to dance class tonight.. Yay!

Current listening :: “Times like these” – Jack Johnson

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