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Wherefore art thou, Coltrane?

9:50 am Thu, 11th December 2003

My kitty didn’t come home last night!! πŸ™ I can’t stop thinking about it.. I know I’m probably being overly concerned & worried.. but he’s never not come home before. The last time my dad saw him was a lunchtime yesterday.

I really hope he’s ok. I keep thinking up worst-case scenarios, like he’s been run over by a car, or someone’s catnapped him, or he’s been hurt in some other way. Why else wouldn’t he come home? πŸ™

Argh. Gotta stop freaking out. I’m being worse than a mother.

[Update: 10:32am]

Ok, all is well now. My dad just called and told me Coltrane has come home. Finally. Yay!!! Such a relief to hear. Heh.

The thing is though, we think someone may have been giving him food. Coz he didn’t want any food at all when he came home (not having eaten at home all night? Very suspicious.) And yesterday when my dad last saw him, it looked as if he’d just finished eating something (licking his mouth etc). Grrr…

So we’re gonna be keeping him home for a few days. And I’m gonna go out asap and buy a tag with his name, and home number/address engraved on it to put on his collar.

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  1. 7 Comments on “Wherefore art thou, Coltrane?”

  2. jac
    Dec 11, 2003

    make sure the collar has a bell on it!! you don’t want any shredded birds presented to you…

  3. Iviane
    Dec 12, 2003

    Glad it came back. *wink* good kitty!!!

    Yeah, better get those info engraved on it. save!

  4. CC
    Dec 12, 2003


  5. a l
    Dec 12, 2003

    good to know he’s back!

  6. Kazzart
    Dec 12, 2003

    Thanks! Indeed it is. πŸ™‚

  7. nate
    Dec 15, 2003

    get him microchipped. that way if the tag somehow comes off they’ll still be able to identify him.

  8. Kazzart
    Dec 16, 2003

    Yeh he is already microchipped…

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