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Feelin Hot Hot HOT!

10:59 am Wed, 13th October 2004

What’s with the weather now? It is insanely hot today. Didn’t sleep well last night coz it was too hot & I still had a sore throat. Woke up this morning to a balmy 30 degrees.. and rising. It’s supposed to hit 37/38 degrees today! Far out brussel sprouts!

I dunno if I should go to dance class today, in this heat. But then again… its good dancing when its hot.. your muscles are just so much more loose and flexible. We’ll see!

The thing that sucks about this weather is that its gonna cool down by the weekend. They forecast only 22/23 degrees. Grrr. And here I was hoping I could hit the beach for the first time this season.

In other news, following up from my previous post…. I have decided. And it feels good.. a weight lifted from my shoulders! 🙂

[Edit: 3:20pm]
My picture is in this weeks 3D World Magazine! Hehe check it out, top of page 56! Was snapped at Soul Train at the Dancers Workshop afterparty on Sun 3rd Oct. 🙂

Current listening :: “Hot In Here” – Nelly (How appropriate :P)

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  1. 2 Comments on “Feelin Hot Hot HOT!”

  2. Kim
    Oct 14, 2004

    Hey! How’s it going over there? It’s strange to be hearing “how the weather is insanely hot” because things are cooling off here in the North. The leaves are changing colours and there’s a defn nip in the air. See you around!

  3. Kazzart
    Oct 14, 2004

    Hey Kim! Long time no hear! 🙂 How are things? Still blogging?

    Yeh, this is pretty unusual weather for this time of year. It’ll cool off and go back to normal spring weather, but damn it was good while it lasted. I think it might have been the hottest day in Oct recorded. I think it hit 40 degrees C out west!

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