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You Got Served

6:25 pm Tue, 19th October 2004

Watched You Got Served last night with Paul. T’was a pretty cool movie with some absolutely awesome dancing! 🙂 I quite enjoyed it, despite the at-times dodgy acting. AND I saw my Dance Workshop teachers in the movie! Look out for Teresa Espinosa (with bright red hair) in the middle of the movie, as the main, rather fiesty dancer in an all girl troupe, dancing against Wade’s (white guy) group. And Kevin Maher is in Elgin & David’s (the main guys) troupe in the very final dance sequence – the dance off between the two finalists at the big bounce.

Also watch out for the really cool guy in Wade’s troupe in the Big Bounce comp – the featured guy with rubber limbs. Amazing stuff!!!

Anyway, I’m off – have been “inspired” by the movie and am going to Darrio’s Hip Hop class again – this time the intermediate class (which will hopefully be more challenging and more interesting than last weeks Mon night beginners class).

I’m having such an ugly/fat/bad hair day. Ugh. :\ Hopefully dancing, followed by a nice hot shower will change that. 🙂

Current listening :: “Everything Begins And Ends At Exactly The Right Time” – Bluebottle Kiss

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