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Coming clean

1:44 pm Fri, 17th December 2004

Ok enough subtlety. You may have noticed that my blog has been spouting some rather depressive lyrics of late. Of course there’s a reason behind it all. Pretty obvious if you ask me.

Yes, Paul and I have broken up, as of Monday night. Yes, he broke up with me.

Want more sordid details? You have permission to contact me personally – email or otherwise.

And yes. Life goes on. Though it hasn’t really felt like it was going to, over the past few days. You know how it goes.. for those who have experienced heartbreak.. your world falls to pieces, crying non-stop, and you have nfi what to do with yourself. Your mind attempts to comprehend the whole concept. That he/she will not be in your life anymore. All your plans and hopes and dreams for your future with them are blown away in one fell swoop. Ok, maybe I’m being just a tad melodramatic now. I know time will heal this and it was probably for the best and there’s someone better out there for me and blah blah blah. I guess I’ll be ok.. with time.

Tell you what, relationships are gonna be a strict no-no for a while. Go the single life! Someone slap me please if they see me getting entangled in another too soon. I think I’ve finally gained a healthy respect and fear of relationships and what they can do to you (and others).

It’s also interesting to note that at times like this you discover who your true friends really are.. and it’s the most unlikely of people who seem to be the most helpful.

Current listening :: “Monkey Wrench” – Foo Fighters (Ahh… angsty music therapy! Speaking of which.. music is something I intend to throw myself into.. really need to brush up my piano skills again! Anyone wanna jam?)

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  1. 6 Comments on “Coming clean”

  2. CC
    Dec 17, 2004

    A bit thick I am. Didn’t pick it up until you posted the last song. Hug.

  3. Kazzart
    Dec 17, 2004

    Hehe thats ok. As I said, it was subtle. Until the last song anyway!

    Thanks… 🙂

  4. juusu
    Dec 17, 2004

    *big HUGZ*

  5. bigbadvoodoomama
    Dec 18, 2004

    “Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go.” ~Author Unknown.
    Your soul mate is coming..be patient and be open,but most of all be happy with yourself…*big hugz*

  6. dic aprio
    Dec 20, 2004

    mmm…belgian choc ice cream 🙂

    get into the sweets therapy…shortly followed by some nice wholesome retail therapy!

    i’m gonna see glance who are playing at the spectrum on thur night with a couple of mates if ya feel like catching some bands b4 xmas…

  7. ixznay
    Dec 22, 2004

    ~OMG havent checked up on you for a few weeks and i see u are all sad n depressed. Cheer up girl! U know what they say, what doesnt kill u make u stronger!

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