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11:06 pm Fri, 4th November 2005

.. on WoW and Stargate Atlantis. Particularly the latter. Can I just say that Stargate Atlantis is absolutely awesome. I think it is fast becoming my favourite TV Series of all time. Overtaking even Stargate SG-1!! I’m up to episode 19 of Season 1… yep… the season finale double episode. How is Atlantis gonna survive the massive wraith onslaught? Eeep! (Never fear, Major Shepherd will save the day! Plus he’s kinda cute too. Hehe.) Anyways, this is gonna be awesome! Am I saying the word awesome too much in this post? 😛

And for those who aren’t part of the species class ‘Geek’ – WoW is World Of Warcraft. I’m currently a level 9 night elf Druid. Half way to level 10… when I gain the ability to turn into a bear. Yay! Levelling a druid is pretty slow going though. And I keep dying too much… darned low stamina.

Anyways. Err.. waay too much geek talk in this post. On the job front. I am back in the game of job-hunting and agent-dealings. The CV has gone out to a number of contract roles.. (none of which match even half what that Derby job offered.. actually one comes close).. and now I’m just waiting to hear back and see if I get any interviews. *crosses fingers*

Ok I’m outtie. Ciao for now.

Current listening :: “Body and Soul” – Ella Fitzgerald

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