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I said ‘Brrr’ its FREEZING out here

10:09 pm Sun, 20th November 2005

Literally! It has been absolutely frrreezing over here this week… must be at least 0 degrees at night and rarely goes over 10 degrees during the day. I get up in the morning and I walk to the station past cars that are frozen over with a layer of frost on top. Sometimes when I walk home at night, the cars are already frozen over… and it’s only like 10pm. I am so thankful for my big shopping expedition in Brussels.. these puffy winter coats are proving VERY useful! Have made good use of the gloves and scarfs I bought too! The days are sooo short too. I get up at about 6:45am and its still dark. The sun starts setting at 4pm and its definitely dark by 5pm. At least it’s not raining – clear blue skies and sunshine almost every day… looks deceptively warm from inside, but when you step out… brrrr!

Anyway, yes, new job and new flat. I’m settling in quite nicely to both. The flat is very comfortable and warms up very well with its central heating. The shower and bath are really good too – lots of hot water for me to take nice long relaxing baths. πŸ™‚

The job is going pretty good so far. My manager seems to be quite impressed with my work – he told me so on Friday. πŸ™‚ I found and fixed a few bugs in their layout that they didn’t know of / had been stuck on. I’ve also just started developing the front end pages for the new redesigned e.s.p.a.r.e.s website. Gonna be a tight deadline for release at beginning Dec – plus the added pressure that this is the most important website to develop, being their main site with the most hits. But the busyness makes the day go faster.

My hours are 9-6pm, which means I have to leave home by around 7:30am (coz it takes me an hour and half to get in.. Kinda sucks). The people at work are cool – two aussie brothers from Melbourne are the two IT directors.. the developers behind the system. Then there’s the graphics designer and his girlfriend who handles the content. And there’s me now. Quite a small team, but all young and get along well – its like working with friends. I just wish it was located in a more central place – its a 20 min walk from Earls Court station, which is 10 mins from central london. All this walking is surely good for me.. making me fitter hopefully!

In other news

So what else. Other than work and settling into the new flat, I’ve watched 2 movies – FINALLY got around to watching Serenity today! Yay! Damn those reevers are kinda scary. Not at all like starcraft reevers. Hehe. πŸ˜› And I also saw Howls Moving Castle (finally) the other night. I really enjoyed it.. it was not as wierd as his previous movies.. (eg Spirited Away).. and I thought it was rather romantic too. πŸ™‚ Harry Potter came out here on Friday.. Leciester Square has turned into a huge Harry Potter promotion… with big spotlights shining down onto the trees and this huuge Triwizard tournament cup fixture out the front balcony of the cinema. I’ve booked myself a ticket for next friday night… yes you gotta buy in advanced coz first few nights were sold out.

I also went to dance class for the first time in 5/6 weeks yesterday. And boy is my body paying for it today! I. Am. In. Pain. My entire back is in pain everytime I move any muscle in it. Didn’t know the back had so many muscles that could hurt like this. My left inner thigh is slightly.. hurt/injured. Nothing serious… just probably a minor strain coz my legs aren’t used to being used like that. My knees even buckled slightly once during the routine coz my thigh muscles just couldn’t get my body back up again that quickly. I am seriously out of shape. And it sucks lemons. Really gotta get back into shape. I hate being weak and unfit. I want the strength and flexibility you get from dancing. I’m thinking of doing ballet too actually. Its my posture. Its gotten really bad… so bad that my left shoulder is hurting all the time now coz I’m constantly hunching over and tensing my shoulders. I don’t stand up straight and its becoming a chronic problem.

Ok time for me to go home and take that bath I’ve been waiting for! (I’m at an internet cafe… still no internet.. heck not even a connected phone line at home yet!) Sorry about the rather long update. Not having net at home kinda sucks.

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  1. 2 Comments on “I said ‘Brrr’ its FREEZING out here”

  2. Micky aka Schfuller
    Nov 20, 2005

    AWWRRRIIIGGGGHHTTT!! A new update! Great to hear more of your adventures Schfullerette, sorry, Kaz πŸ˜€ Although I think you should be watching less movies and going to more dance classes, hmmmm?? πŸ˜‰ The cold doesn’t sound too bad BUT the short daylight must SUCK! Just to make you jealous, sitting here at work with summer nearly on us and daylight savings kicked in, it feels like 4pm when it’s close to 7pm!!! And the HEAT and SUN….how much can a bronzed “Aussie” take?? πŸ˜‰

    Give em heaps, enjoy and remember, the ski fields of Europe aren’t far away…you can always get me back with that!

    Schfuller :-))

  3. a l
    Nov 22, 2005

    hi!!! glad to see you’re settled back in London and going back to dance class! all that walking is going to help you (i walked an hour almost everyday for 3 weeks and i lost quite a bit of weight and got healthy too…until i arrived home. ha.)

    take care yeah?

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