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11:57 am Wed, 17th May 2006

Those bboy crews in Korea are friggin nuts! Pretty awesome stuff… I dunno how they do it! I can barely do the frog squat thingy where u balance on your hands with your knees on your elbows. I can hold it for maybe 10 secs at most! Here’s another crew from the same show (gets really good from 4 mins onwards). Damn.

I’m probably a bit slow on the uptake, but I’ve just signed up with YouTube, and have been discovering some pretty cool videos. I knew about it before, and I’ve browsed MySpace videos and Google Videos.. but never actually checked out YouTube in much detail. Possibly a dangerous discovery for me as I can see myself spending half a day at work on this website.. haha. It’s the whole Web 2.0 thing.. they’ve been yapping about it at the Internet World exhibition I went to last week.

I’ve been kinda getting into watching breakdance/bboy stuff on the web. Prob coz I’ve been thinking about taking some break dance classes at Pineapple. Ok, I KNOW I will never be able to do stuff like that video above, but Kwai says break dance is really good for helping with hiphop.. esp footwork.. and also it’ll be great for fitness.. it’ll buff my arms right up! Heheh. Not like gross huge, but I could do with more muscle tone. My arms are getting kinda flabby. And it sounds fun! šŸ™‚ Just gotta find time to get to a class.

Oh and I’ve also been checkin out what my old dance school has been up to.. DanceKool. Looks like they’ve got a few vids up on YouTube too. Check out Poppin Sam. Awesome freak!

Current listening :: “Full Moon” – Brandy

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