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Swimmingly cold

10:36 am Tue, 22nd August 2006

I went swimming again last night coz I haven’t been in over a week and my tense shoulders really needed the release. The weather hasn’t been very warm over the past few weeks (15 – 20ish degs with a fair bit of rain too) and it was probably around 17/18 degs when I went swimming last night – so I was prepared for it to be a bit chilly, but it wouldn’t be too bad. So I thought.

So I arrived, and I noticed there were only about 10 people in the pool. Then I went in… and I realised why there were only 10 people there. It. Was. Frikkin. FREEZING!!! I burst into some speedy freestyle completing a lap in record time in the effort to warm my body up. When I finished the lap, it was still freezing and my muscles had gone numb from the cold. It was so cold, I found it a little difficult to breathe. But I endured. And I warmed up slightly by about the 4th lap. The water still felt cold though. And it was cold throughout the 11 laps (1km) I stubbornly managed to complete. Proud I am.

After my swim, I took an extremely nice hot shower (thank God they have hot showers!) I literally felt my body slowly thaw out, with that tingly feeling, like in winter when your hands have been out in the cold too long and you warm them under a hot tap.

So I guess my swimming days are almost over. 🙁 They close to the public from Oct onwards, and from Sept are open to only members in the evenings (after 5pm). Damn that gives me 9 days left of swimming after work. *sigh* This makes me wish I was back in Oz. I’m gonna miss swimming.

Voglio parlare Italiano con lei

(Translation: I want to speak Italian with you). Yep, I’m learning Italian! Slowly! Tis not an easy task going from absolutely zero knowledge of italian to a functional & useful conversational level in just a few weeks! I’ve been using the acclaimed Michel Thomas course, listening to it on my ipod at every spare moment. I must look strange muttering to myself on trains, buses etc. He’s supposed to have a very unique method of teaching languages based on understanding rather than memorisation, which enables you to learn a new language very quickly, with no homework necessary! I just hope all the reviews are true, coz this trip is coming up soon and I’m only at the end of cd 1 (there are 6 cds)! But its been fun so far.. I’m enjoying the experience of learning a new language, especially with the goal of actually using it in Italy.

Mi dispiace ma non posso parlare italiano molto buono adesso.

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  1. 2 Comments on “Swimmingly cold”

  2. CC
    Aug 23, 2006

    Haha! That’s cool! I managed to work out what your last line says, and I haven’t done Italian since Yr 10! You’ll be fine by the time your trip rolls around! =)

  3. Kazzart
    Aug 23, 2006

    Yay it made sense! I wasn’t sure if I got the sentance structure right, it gets a bit confusing!

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