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Kaz Tweets on 2008-12-04

11:59 pm Thu, 4th December 2008
  • Ppl often ask me if I get homesick when I tell them I’m from Australia. I usually tell em I’m just fine n dun even think twice abt it. #
  • But there r times I do feel achingly homesick. When just listening 2 a song triggers vivid memories of my home.. the sunburnt country I love #
  • Packing…. why does it always take me soooo long to pack. I’m so tired.. I just wanna go to bed… #
  • For some reason comparing my wall to other ppl’s walls on FB always really depresses me. #
  • Packing done! Yay! I can sleep now. Hope I haven’t forgotten anything…… I always end up forgetting something…. #
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