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Under The Sperlonga Sun

9:26 pm Thu, 4th November 2010

So FINALLY I have gotten around to sorting through the nearly 900 photos I took on our summer holiday in Sperlonga, Italia in July this year! Only took me all of 5 months. :/ I managed to pick just over 200 photos (believe me it took a long time!) to upload to facebook.

However I decided that my readers/followers on the interwebs also deserved to share in these wonderful memories so I’ve brushed the cobwebs off my old photo gallery on Kazzart.Net, given it a bit of a revamp/design tweak, and have uploaded the photos there too. Below are a select number of photos (45 to be precise!) that I’ve chosen to highlight in this (rather long) blog. You can view the whole album too.

(Note: My gallery was getting inundated with comments spam so I have made comments for logged in users only – I also turned on auto registration so now you can easily register yourself if you wish to make comments – don’t worry I won’t be using your email address).

So let us begin. We stayed for 2 weeks at a wonderful residence called Residence Florenza half way up the town (and cliff side) of Sperlonga. We were only meant to stay for 1 week and then move on to another part of Italy but due to disorganisation we hadn’t booked the 2nd week. In the end we loved it so much here that we stayed the 2nd week also (and luckily they had 1 last apartment available!)

As you can see Sperlonga is just beautiful.. full of bright pink flowers, cobble stones & old faded white/beige buildings.

Every day and night was baking hot. I spent the first few days either soaking up some much needed sun on the beach or exploring this quaint Italian town which was beautiful both in the day and the night.

Of course I spent LOTS of time on the beach, every day, lounging on the beach beds, soaking up that sun, swimming in the clear waters of the Mediterranean sea. Was sooooo relaxing. I absolutely ADORE the feeling of the sun baking my skin. πŸ™‚

I also quickly discovered my favourite cafe in town (which unfortunately happened to be furthest in the old town from our residence). But they served amazing coffee and granita. Yummmm… There was also a fairly decent pizzeria in town with a traditional woodfired oven. Margherita con mozzarella di bufala per favore!

Surrounding Areas

We didn’t spend the whole time in Sperlonga. One afternoon took a half day trip to the nearby Suio Terme in Campania – natural hot sulfuric springs. Yes with the smell too.

Sometimes we explored the town next to Sperlonga, which is called Gaeta. Its a bigger town so it was nice to have a change of scene. We even found some salsa there one night and had a bit of a dance which was cool. There actually was a salsa party on Friday night at this outdoor restaurant/club on the beach between the two towns. We went there twice – one time with a live band. Its great dancing outdoors in summer! Back in Sperlonga, we took a boat trip one afternoon to explore the surrounding coastline and caves and even swam into one of the caves which had a beach inside! Like from a James Bond film. So cool!

Final Days

Back in town, sometimes I would take walks to explore the tiny streets of this old picturesque town and take photos of random things. πŸ™‚

I really wish I could have stayed there forever! But alas the holiday was over all too soon. On our last morning, I just had to go for one last dip in the sea. And of course get myself some purely awesome gelato!

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  1. 4 Comments on “Under The Sperlonga Sun”

  2. Allen Mc Clearnen
    Nov 5, 2010

    Thanks for sharing Kazzart! The pictures are wonderful! It looks like you had a great time!

  3. Louise
    Sep 8, 2012

    We have the good fortune to now live close to this beautiful resort of Sperlonga.

    I am passionate about this wonderful area of SOUTH LAZIO and have created a website in English about it.


    This beautiful mountainous / coastal region of SOUTH LAZIO (within the provinces of Latina and Frosinone) is rich in history, architecture, culture and natural beauty. Indeed it is blessed in many ways :

    This picturesque Riviera Di Ulisse, with its numerous golden sandy beaches, rocky coves, hidden caves and sheltered harbours, and the pretty seaside resorts of Sperlonga, Gaeta, Formia, Terracina, San Felice Circeo and the Pontine Islands, is noted for its temperate climate, and rainless summers. The rocky cliffs are a haven for Free Climbers.

    Yet close by are the dramatic Aurunci, and Ausoni, mountains which border the Southern Appenines and the Abruzzo National Park. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty, with a diversity of landscapes: Pretty medieval hill towns; verdant tranquil hillsides; olive groves; rivers, lakes; craggy peaks and protected nature reserves. Perfect for Bird Watchers and Lovers of Nature.

    South Lazio is ideally positioned midway between Rome and Naples making it an ideal base for taking day trips to these noble historical cities, to Pompeii, Caserta and Montecassino.

    The South Lazio area is popular with Italian visitors during the month of August, however out of season it reverts to a peaceful setting that is still largely undiscovered by international tourists.

    This is “Real Italy” !!! SOUTH LAZIO


  4. Jane Aelst
    May 4, 2013

    Thanks for all the info on your stay in Sperlonga. In fact we are also going there in August and staying at the Residence Florenza – a bit daunted by all those steps since we have a lazy four-year only daughter! Can you remember the name of the Pizzeria that serves the amazing Margherita con mozzarella di bufala? Thanks, Jane

  5. Kazzart
    Jul 10, 2013

    Hi Jane, thanks for your comment! You will love Sperlonga! Definitely take the time to explore the old town. Lots of lovely ristorantes and shops. The pizzeria in my photos is called Pizzeria Eden. And do check out the amazing home made granita limone at Little Bar. Hope you enjoy your stay in August. Buon viaggio! πŸ™‚

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