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1:14 pm Thu, 18th March 2004

Why are there so many mean and nasty people out there? I mean seriously, why do people waste their energy putting others down? Are they that bored? Or perhaps they do it just to make themselves feel better, and more superior. To be one up on someone else. I really don’t get.. especially in the “virtual world” – I’ve seen so many mean people making mean comments on people’s blog. Why go to all that trouble? Maybe their mum didn’t teach them well enough. Or maybe its coz they can hide behind their anonymity, and make cheap and nasty comments about others just to fill the void of their meaningless existence. *cough* Sorry… getting a little carried away here..

Its just really sad to see… the reality of people and their true character. The messed up state of this world. I guess I’m also particularly thinking about the way men tend to view women. I was reading an article in a magazine about holiday rape. And it really disturbed me.. the way some men view women (particularly in other cultures), as an object, just some worthless piece of ass, something to be used and thrown away. Or even, the idea that they were “asking for it” by dressing a certain way. I dunno… it gets me riled up just thinking about it. Its so not how its supposed to be. How we were created to be.

And its not just other cultures, its here too, in Australia, among the “educated”.. workers in offices who go on and on about sexy lingerie, or the latest hottest chick they’ve seen. That kinda talk reveals a certain attitude and mindset about women. I guess I really dislike men who think that way, have that certain attitude.. who view women as objects and playthings, to be looked at, leered at, and in that way, used for their own satisfaction. It’s degrading, and just makes me feel really dirty, knowing this about guys and the way they think.

Wow. This has really turned into a “I hate men” rant. Woops. Anyway, not all men are like this, I know. There are plenty of guys out there who put me to shame with their kindness, decency and compassion for others.. who don’t judge the value of a woman by the shape of their body, or the beauty of their face, but by the beauty that is within, and their value as a fellow human being.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some feminist out to burn bras and protest for the rights of women. I don’t particularly agree with (what I know about) feminism. And I’m not a humanist either. I am a christian, and therefore my view and understanding of humanity is based on what God has said (through the bible). I didn’t really get into the details of *why* I think the above mentioned mindset/attitude/actions are wrong. Err… leave a message if you’re interested.

Enough procrastination.. time to get back to work…

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  1. 8 Comments on “Nastiness”

  2. juusu
    Mar 18, 2004

    Anonymous blog commenters annoy me heaps. Personally, I think they’re cowards. If they got something to say, why can’t they show who they really are when they make such cheap comments?
    As for how some men view women, i totally agree with you. It’s sad to see, but hey, we live in a fallen world.

  3. nate
    Mar 18, 2004

    hey you shoulda seen this chick at lunch…ok I’m just kidding. But seriously, it’s stuff like this where we can see that we DO live in a fallen world, and it’s all our fault. Personally I do struggle, I do notice that some women obviously wear less than others and yes it is distracting. But me as a Christian, I’m trying to do the right thing. Look once (by accident of course) but don’t look twice – and one long hard look is still as bad as looking twice.
    As for perceiving women as objects, I notice it’s a direct effect of porn. It has warped our view of relationships and of people.
    I frequent a lot of message boards and I notice that when women are brought up, a lot of derogatory comments, and placing women as objects occurs. It’s a sad thing to see but it is what we have done.
    Meh. (Just for the record, I don’t see women as objects, and I don’t think they should be made into one. Doing that can lead to idolatry)

  4. ed
    Mar 18, 2004

    kill all men! except me..pls

  5. a l
    Mar 18, 2004

    why there are mean and nasty pple – i guess it’s the fallen world argument.

    testosterone overdrive could play a part too. phfffbt.

  6. leo
    Mar 19, 2004

    it’s a material world and i’m a material girl…or boy

  7. Stu
    Mar 21, 2004

    While the ‘”asking for it’ by dressing in a certain way’ is by no means justification for rape (there is no justification for it), there are certainly some women who ask to be leered at and gazed upon by the way they dress, and it is their fault as much as it may be the guy’s fault. This is why even women can assess whether what another woman is wearing is slutty or not. The objectification of women is a different matter, however.

    On feminism, I’ve come across an interesting snippet of a speech farewelling a Canadian Supreme Court judge who was widely labelled as a “feminist”. I think it deals quite well with the issue of what feminism really is. Apologies for its length:

    A “feminist”, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is a person who advocates for the rights of women, based on the theory of equality of the sexes. According to this definition, Justice L’Heureux-Dubé is a feminist, as am I — as, I suspect, are most people in this room, indeed, most Canadians. I say this because equality is more than a “theory” in this country — it is constitutionally required. Equality of the sexes is the law. Of course, one can have different ideas about what this equality means, but there should be no dispute about the merits of the idea of sexual equality.

    There is no doubt that equality is one of Justice L’Heureux-Dubé’s passions. She is acknowledged to be one of the world’s greatest experts and advocates in this area. But to label our colleague a feminist suggests that she is interested mainly or exclusively in women’s rights. But that is far from true. In the area of equality, Claire has defended the rights of many different groups — the handicapped, aboriginal people, children, ethnic minorities, and members of minority sexual orientation. Along the way, she made lasting contributions to family law and the criminal law. To characterize her work as primarily devoted to the rights of women leaves out far too much.

    So, on the one hand, labeling Justice L’Heureux-Dubé as a feminist judge tells us that she supports the equality rights of women, which is true. She is a passionate defender of women’s equality rights. But, it is also a misleading label because Justice L’Heureux-Dubé is a great believer in equality rights generally.

  8. rat
    Mar 21, 2004

    you’ve just got to feel sad for the poor pricks (who are mean and nasty), their life is so bad that they get, who knows what, out of putting others down.

    be happy that you aren’t that kind of person, and if you can, ignore them. to respond only fuels their stupidity.

    don’t confuse us (men/boys) enjoying the sight of a beautiful woman, with some sick individuals who don’t treat women with the respect and equality they deserve.

    i enjoy seeing a beautiful woman, but often beauty is not how a woman sees it. you don’t have to be anorexic, skinny, blond or blue eyed to be beautiful. and we also see past the exterior to the beauty within. just give us time 🙂 there’s nothing more beautiful, than a happy smile

    don’t get me wrong. i’m not criticising. love your blog, respect your opinion.

  9. Kazzart
    Mar 23, 2004

    Thanks guys for ur constructive input. 🙂

    juusu: Yeh tis annoying. Thankfully I don’t get too much of that.

    Nate: Yes, I definitely agree that porn does have a large part to play in creating this sort of mindset..

    ed: Heheh…

    a l: Yeh… Testosterone! Pffft… Men! Pfft… heheh kidding.

    leo: Hahaha….. so, ur an Adam Sandler fan? Or at least “Wedding Singer” fan, yah? 🙂

    Stu: Wow. Thats an essay right there.. Thanks for ur insight and the information about feminism. Have u read that Kirsten Birkett book on feminism? I’ve been meaning to give it a read someday myself..

    rat: Thanks! I’m not offended at all by ur comment.. and I fully agree that not all guys are like that. Its great to see u have that kind of decency too. 🙂

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