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Just chillin

4:48 pm Sat, 9th October 2004

I’m just relaxing at home right not, doing not much. Its nice to have a relatively free Saturday to just chill. I took the opportunity to go to a dance class today at Dance Central – I’ve been itching to dance again ever since last weekend’s dancer’s workshop finished (and my muscles had recovered).

So I went to Kaylene’s intermediate jazz/funk/hiphop (JFH) class. It was fun – we spent most of the class learning & doing the routine, with just a short time at the beginning warming up. I found the class a little easy, though it was still enjoyable and a great workout. I’m actually starting to find it hard to find a class which is at a level that challenges me. Maybe the dancers workshop has raised my standards. Well, I’m sure there are challenging classes out there, I just have to find em. Perhaps I should try Michael Boyd’s int/advanced JFH at the Sydney Dance Co again. That was definitely a hard one!

Anyways, better be off. Paul is coming over now and we’re gonna head out for a swim. 🙂

Current listening :: “A Love That Will Last” – Renee Olstead

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