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6:14 pm Mon, 25th October 2004

Ugh. I hate Mondays. Particularly when work is boooooring. :\

So I decided to update and clean up a few bits and pieces around the joint. I even got geeky and explored the functionality of Movable Type more.. and discovered I can actually create and include modules (eg header html) into my templates. How convenient! Now I only have to change the header and side nav code in one place. 🙂 Really should have looked into this before… but I’m a lazy bum. I also changed the individual blog entry pages, so that they display comments at the bottom. And lastly, I’ve FINALLY updated my cam archives. Six new pages, for the last 6 months of laziness! *feeling of accomplishment*

Weekend Update

So back to my regular weekend update. I had a rather busy and eventful weekend! Packed with early mornings, bible talks, planning meetings, meeting lots of new people, and a 21st birthday party!

On Friday night, I FINALLY caught up with one of my closest girlfriends, Vron, after about 6 months of “We-soooo-have-to-catch-up-sometime”. 😛 It was really good to be able to chat with a close and trusted friend.. and just share, sort through and get some girly analysis of some issues & problems I’d been dealing with lately. Gotta do it more often! I’d forgotten how much it helped to talk/rant to a good friend about things.

On Saturday night, I went to Carmen’s 21st. It was fun – a murder mystery party. I was Tracy Douglas – a barmaid who was inspired by the movie Cocktail to incorporate dancing into her bar tending routine? Heh. Took some fun pics on my camera phone. 😀

Annandale Mission

Saturday and Sunday day were spent at this mission planning weekend for an urban mission that will be held in the inner west area (Annandale/Glebe/Leichardt/Stanmore) for a week in early Dec. It’s based at and run by Christians In The Media/Annandale Community church, in Annandale. I’m still deciding on my involvement – but will probably be attending full time… it does sound pretty exciting! The theme is “Where is God…?” and they’ll be running many different events for 7 days – in the mornings, during the day and evenings – such as visiting nursing homes & retirement villages, primary school activities, conversation stalls and activities in the local village/park area, leafletting, door-knocking, jazz night, men’s breakfast, women’s gingerbread night etc.

This has all come up rather suddenly for me – being invited to go on Friday (the day before the meeting!), I had to make a quick decision. So I went to check it out on Saturday – but ended up enjoying the day enough to go back on Sunday! People are very friendly, and it actually sounds kinda fun (tho hard work too of course).

One thing I quite enjoyed during the weekend were the talks by Dominic Steele. He’s a really good speaker! We heard 3 talks on 1 Corinthians 8, 9, 10. A few points that I found very relevent/challenging:

  • In the first talk (1 Cor 8), we learnt that knowledge puffs up, but love builds up (esp relevent to my highly knowledgeable asian evangelical church upbringing). It shouldn’t be knowledge that is the ultimate influence on our decisions, but rather love. When knowledge is your basis (like it was for the Corinthians), the more you know, the more arrogant you can become, and then the truth is that you really don’t know what you think you know. Err.. get it? 😉 Also, knowledge teaches we have freedom.. but love will govern how we use our freedom – so we should be careful that our knowledge doesn’t become a stumbling block to others, such as a younger/weaker christian.
  • The 2nd talk on 1 Cor 9 concentrated on putting aside your rights so as to win those who don’t know God. Becoming all things for all men, so as to win them. Was quite a practical talk.
  • The final talk was the most challenging – about making sure we don’t miss the prize. The challenge to make sure we use our freedom to serve others. “Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial”.

So yeh, that’s a basic summary of the talks. I was challenged that very Sunday night, just after hearing these talks, to put it into practice. Don’t you hate how its so so much harder in reality. 😛 Loving others is not easy.. and I admit, I’m not very good at it.

Current listening :: “King Of The Dancehall” – Beenie Man

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  1. 2 Comments on “Mondayitis”

  2. Vron
    Oct 26, 2004

    Wow – busy weekend indeed! Especially glad to hear you had a good time at the mission planning weekend thing – sounds cool!

  3. Kazzart
    Oct 29, 2004

    Yes! Busy busy… prob a lil too busy for my good (hence sick now :()

    Yes, it was fun… I will most likely be doing the mission full time…

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