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Merry Christmas!

4:33 pm Fri, 24th December 2004

Well. Can’t believe christmas is finally here.. well in 8 hours time anyway. Another year gone by so fast. Where does it all go? I’ve got myself a lot of thinking and self-discovery to do in the new year. A fresh start for Kazzart. 🙂

Meanwhile… for some reason I’m not really getting into the whole christmas thing this year. I’m just ‘meh’ about it all. In the past I’ve been the mega excited one with christmas, but over the years that child-like glee has faded. And this year… well I think you can understand the external factors that may have influenced my lack of christmas-zeal. Its not that I’m depressed – not at all. I’m feeling quite at peace actually. Its just that I don’t really feel like getting all celebratory. Say tonight for example.. I’m probably gonna be home alone, on christmas eve.. but I don’t mind at all! 🙂

Hrm. Was also gonna write something about how the blatant commercialism of christmas is kinda bugging me this year… but I can’t be bothered. I really haven’t gotten into buying anything this christmas… no cards, pressies or anything. Maybe I’m just giving it a rest for one year. I don’t usually get many cards (usually give out way more than I recieve) and hardly ever a present these past few years anyway, so yeh, starting to wonder if I should bother? Its not about presents and cards anyway.

Anyways, here I am still at work! Most people have gone home already. My boss even sent an email out telling us we could all have an early mark! 🙂 Suppose I should be leaving soon.. ish.. But the net connection / computer at work is so much better than at home. For one my computer at home SUX! Soo slow these days. Think I need a reinstall… or better yet, a new comp! 🙁 And secondly, we’ve been capped to 28.8K now!! Went over our 1GB download limit! Doh! Its my bro’s fault too. Grrr… 😛 Now we have to wait till 1st Jan for cable speeds again. *sigh*

Ah well. Having posted an ever-so-slightly anti-christmas post, I’m now gonna wish you all a very Merry (and Meaningful) Christmas. 🙂 Hope you all have a great day tomorrow, whatever you’re doing.

Current listening :: “Into You” – Fabolous

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  1. 3 Comments on “Merry Christmas!”

  2. dawn_1o9
    Dec 24, 2004

    hehe… don’t feel too bad about it.. I send out cards more than I receive also… And I can’t even remember the last time I got a Christmas present… 😀

    Anyways, merry Christmas!

  3. CC
    Dec 25, 2004

    Have felt the same as you this year.. very meh! Only sent out 4 cards, I think.

    Hoping the meaning of the day hasn’t gotten lost in life in general. Have a good one. =)

  4. myname
    May 10, 2005

    mycomment goes here

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