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Rant alert

3:15 pm Fri, 9th December 2005

Is it just me or are there more uptight, self-righteous, with-a-stick-up their-arse kind of people in the UK than there are in Australia? Yes I’m probably making gross generalisations.. and yes I’m actually referring to particular incidents. I guess I’m just having a bad day.

There are 2 things in particular that have gotten under my skin today – 1) self-righteous nosy neighbours with MAWS (middle aged woman syndrome) and 2) ridiculous company policies (prob maws related too).

Issue 1 is a bit complicated, so I’ll try not to get into it too much now. In short, I recieved a letter from a neighbouring flat informing me that they called in an “Environmental Health Officer” in response to noise from my flat. This apparent call was made (I say apparent, coz it is highly possible that she is bluffing) at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon!!!! And what was I doing at that time? I had some music (Jamiroquai) playing on my stereo/computer and whilst doing my vacuuming. No the music wasn’t very loud at all.. it was a fair volume – being a weekend afternoon – but it wasn’t like “party” loud. The letter states that she has made “repeated requests to you .. to please turn your music down”. Okaay… if banging on someone’s roof constitutes making a “request”, then I suppose she has done so. She goes on ranting about other crap, trying to sound all formal and intimidating. I’ve been told that if she has indeed made a complaint, then I would recieve a letter from the council. Which I haven’t yet. I’ll wait a few days.. and if no letter arrives, I might call her bluff by going up and asking her (politely – which is more than she has done for me) for copies of the documents written by the Health Officer when they visited, and for copies of the “crime reference number” and letter from the police (she states in the letter that a “crime reference number has already been allocated in reference to Flat 3 and the police have sent written permission to call 999 as and when further incidents of harassment occur”). I think I can smell bollocks in the air with this one. What do people (particularly those in the UK or who know about such things) think?

With issue 2, we’ve just been told that we’re “not allowed” to eat lunch at our desks as a new company policy. If its cold food/sandwiches then we can eat at a table set aside for lunch. If its hot food then we’re to be sent off to eat in this tiny storeroom so that the food doesn’t make the office smell of food. I mean that is absolutely ridiculous – telling someone where they can and can’t eat their lunch. I’m certainly not going to sit in isolation in a storeroom to have lunch every day. Almost makes me want to go back into contracting so I don’t have to deal with this office politics & policies crap.

Argh I’m so pissed off at the moment. Why are some people so annoying? Perhaps they feel they have to spread their misery to others. Grrrr. Not Happy Jan.

Current listening :: “Respect” – Aretha Franklin

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  1. 3 Comments on “Rant alert”

  2. bigbadvoodoomama
    Dec 14, 2005

    Have you heard about the race riots in cronulla???

  3. Kazzart
    Dec 14, 2005

    Yeh.. I guess there are stupid ppl all over the world!

  4. rat
    Dec 19, 2005

    yeah i thought there were a few more people than average who acted like that in the uk, but the actions over here make us look pretty sad

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