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Frrrreezing today

7:24 pm Wed, 22nd February 2006

Weather has turned horrible again. Last week, we saw a glimmer of hope… a glimpse of spring. But alas.. it turned bitterly cold again over the weekend. Cold, windy. rainy, grey. Top temp today was 4 degrees. Gotta love London.

So anyways. My saturday shopping expedition turned into one looong hair cut and colour. My hairdresser was running 45 mins late to start, and then the colour and cut took about 3 hours! Mostly the colour. I ended up getting bold red highlights, but underneath the hair so it shows through the ends and in patches around the side. The rest of the hair was dyed black to bring out the contrast and cover up old highlights. Here’s a piccy of the finished result at the hair salon (check out the stylish white decor).

After that we had to rush off to meet some friends for dinner and movie. We watched Aeon Flux, which I thought was pretty cool. Very sci-fi/futuristic.. but without the spaceships.

Well, just a quick update coz I gotta rush off to the gym now. Am booked in for a pilates class! 🙂 I’ll leave you with a piccy of this gorgeous cat at a friends place.

Current listening :: “Girl fight” – Brooke Valentine

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  1. 2 Comments on “Frrrreezing today”

  2. CC
    Feb 23, 2006

    nice hairdo! =) Can’t see the red at all though!

  3. a l
    Feb 23, 2006

    nice hair cut!
    (that camera on the phone is quite good heh? =)

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