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Pimp your ride?

7:11 pm Wed, 8th March 2006

Check out this car, pimped to the max. Hahah.

Anyways. 3 days until take-off! W00t! Man.. I am so in the School Of I-Don’t-Give-A-Crap right now. I just wanna start my holiday! Getting bored of work.. bug fixing, bug fixing and.. yep.. more bug fixing. *yawn*

I’ve finally gotten around to resurrecting my moblog. Added some pics from the last few months. More to come when I get around to downloading them off my phone. 🙂 Oh yeh, and got some nice Jack Johnson pics to come too.

It was interesting to trawl through my old moblog pics. Gave me flashbacks of the past.. reminding me of life in Sydney. Also.. is it just me, or do I actually look a little, but visibly, older now? It seems like I looked so much younger a mere 2 years back. Aiyah.. how depressing! Or perhaps London has just aged me. 😛

Anyways, I’m off soon to hit the gym.. for my regular wed night pilates class. Plus cardio beforehand on the x-trainer and rowing machine. And then afterwards a good stretch session and methinks I will relax in the sauna.. maybe even take a dip in the pool and jacuzzi. Gonna do the full works tonight! 🙂

Current listening :: “Philosophy” – Ben Folds (live)

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  1. 2 Comments on “Pimp your ride?”

  2. a l
    Mar 9, 2006

    have a good trip! i know how much you’ve been looking forward to going home. =)

  3. Kazzart
    Mar 10, 2006

    Thanks! 🙂

    If cathay flew to Singapore, i would have stopped by to visit!

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