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Hello from Heathrow

4:25 pm Sat, 1st April 2006

So I’m sitting here on my laptop in Heathrow airport in a cafe, making use of some rather expensive wireless internet. Its kinda cool though… wireless is cool. πŸ™‚ Anyway, am waiting for kwai to arrive (we caught sep flights from HK because our tickets were booked separately – tho we managed to travel together for 3/4 of the way) – his flight was 2 hours later than mine.

Man I’m tired. 13 hour flights are not fun. I did get a fair amount of sleep – but considering I didn’t sleep at all the night before as we had to leave my uncles flat at 4am to get to the airport by 5am to make my 7:40am flight…. it is understandable that I kinda totally passed out once I got on the plane! I woke up about 6 hrs later, only to realise I had at least another 6 hours to go before I could get off cattle class on my Qantas 747.

But I digress. I’m tired. I think kwai’s flight has probably landed now. And my wireless connection ends in abt 10 mins time. So better wrap this post up. Its kinda wierd and mildly depressing to be back in London. Back to cold reality. Although the temp is only a mild 15 degrees today.. which is definitely much warmer than the 5 degrees in which we left London.

Oh yeh.. HK was fun. Shopping in HK is ultra fun. I shopped wisely though – stuff I had planned to buy beforehand, and stuff that is a fraction of the price I would have paid here in London. My purchases include a new pair of specs (Gucci, plastic and blue!), new G7 logitech wireless mouse for work (coz my work mouse sucks), a gorgeous shiny Michael Kors designer watch (very elegant), a pair of pale blue sketchers (coz the heel has worn away on my current diesels and it hurts my ankle), plus a few cheap computer bits.. like memory sticks, multi card reader etc. Can’t believe how cheap electronic stuff is in HK. Thank you Mongkok Computer Centre! πŸ™‚ Ok gotta go now! More updates and photos to come.

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  1. 2 Comments on “Hello from Heathrow”

  2. CC
    Apr 1, 2006

    heehee! And to think I could literally hear you typing this post up! haha!

  3. CC
    Apr 1, 2006

    Hey i just lost your connection, so bye, and take care!

    And I was wrong about the temp… it’s only 13C.

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