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Setlist and random photos

3:52 pm Thu, 8th June 2006

(Note: She deviated slightly from the set list, playing “Drive” instead of “When I See You Smile”)

Getting the bus from work to Clapham Junction station kinda sucks. Once I’m at the station, getting home is a breeze. But getting to the station is the hard part. Actually getting to any station from my work sucks. And the bus stop isn’t even that close. (Not that I mind, coz the walking/running to the bus stop is good for me :)). Anyway, crossing Battersea Bridge is especially bad. Traffic is always chockas, and yesterday was a classic example. One of those open-top tour buses picked the worst place to break down. Traffic in almost every direction was stuck, and so was I. Took me an extra 40 mins.. but I eventually made it home.

Oh yeh, and its 28 today, with a forecast of 26, 28, 28, 27 for the next 4 days!!! Go London summer! Pity there are no beaches. 🙁 Anyway, gonna do a salsa class tonight! Yay. I’ve been pretty irregular this year with salsa.. really need to get back into it! Then am meeting Kwai at Drinkstag (which is german for Drinks Day.. or evening).. with some of his expat friends from Frankfurt who have now returned to London.

Current listening :: “Shake” – Ying Yang Twins

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  2. CC
    Jun 9, 2006

    Hmmm… kinda envying the warm weather over there! Mind you, I shouldn’t be complaining cos we need the rain over here, but dang my feet are always cold!!! =(

    Enjoy the sun while it lasts over there! =)

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