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Kitty goes potty

8:31 am Thu, 6th July 2006

Oh man.. I *gotta* teach Coltrane how to do this one day!!! Hahaha.. Love the ending bit too.. poor kitty. Heehee.

Here’s a brief insight in how it’s done. Now if only the cat could flush like this one too!! Hahahah.. Hahahaha..

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  1. One Comment on “Kitty goes potty”

  2. CC
    Jul 6, 2006

    LOL! What a great idea! And then the poor kitty!!

    And OMG! That toilet flushing one was hilarious cos it was like watching a fascinated three year old playing with it and being mesmerised by the swirling water! Haha!

    Any news about your phone yet?

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