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9:52 am Tue, 15th August 2006

Had the day off sick on Monday. I woke up in the morning after a pretty restful weekend (only went out on saturday to watch 2 movies – Cars and Miami Vice) and a decent nights sleep. But then I sat up in bed, and I just suddenly felt dizzy, room spinning, vertigo sorta dizzy. Had to lie back down again. I tried getting up and having a shower, thinking I’d feel better afterwards, but I still felt dizzy. When I walked, I had this definite lean to the right.. kept walking into the wall! :/ Going to work was looking unlikely, so I booked an appointment to see the doctor. Turns out she reckons I have some sort of inner ear virus. I can’t remember the name.. either Labyrinthitis or Vestibular Neuronitis? Anyway, she said it was a virus and so no meds would help. She just prescribed some Procholorperazine to help with the dizzyness and nausea, if I needed it.

So I’m back at work today, was feeling ok this morning, but I’m starting to feel slightly dizzy again. I do wonder why this occurs. I’ve had it on occasion over the last 3 – 5 years I think. Whenever I get very tired to the point of exhaustion, I’ll get this onset of vertigo.. though I’ve never thrown up from it. I wonder what the cause really is. The doctors diagnosis seemed a bit.. not very well researched. She only took my blood pressure and asked a few questions. No other tests or much interest in background history etc. Anyways. I guess thats what you get with the NHS – a free health system giving quantity over quality. England’s healthcare kinda sucks.

Snip snip

In other news, got myself a £10 hair cut (trim is probably more accurate) on the weekend! Cheap cheap! It was at the Rush hair academy, where they train junior or even senior hair stylists, and they need models to practice on. Rush is now what Toni & Guy was a few years ago. Anyway, the hair cut was free, and the £10 was just for the blowdry. Bargain! And an awesome blowdry she did – she wanted to show off the soft layers so she gave my hair a bit more volume and movement with piecey, flicky ends. I loved it so much I did a mini photo shoot when I got home, with kwai’s SLR. Hehe. Check it.

Heheh. I hardly ever get a blowdry these days coz it’s too expensive. In fact its been 5 months since my last hair cut! I know, there’s hardly any difference – I only trimmed my fringe a bit and maybe an inch or two off the dry ends. I’m trying to grow the layers out a bit coz they were cut too short last time.

And finally.. here are some pics of me and kwai’s cooking endeavours recently. Been really getting into cooking at my place coz am trying to save money blah blah. Anyway, I reckon it’s fun to cook, and the food is usually nicer, not to mention half the price. 🙂

Current listening :: “First Love” – Utada Hikaru

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  1. 3 Comments on “Dizzy”

  2. CC
    Aug 17, 2006

    Hehe! Yummy scrummy! Nice trim too!

    Glad the Stemetil did the trick. (I’m talking about the prochlorperazine).

  3. Cryptkeeper
    Aug 18, 2006

    Hmm, I should see a real doctor if I were you. You don’t mess around with your health.
    By the way, I went to see miami vice yesterday and I liked it.
    Nice photo shoot. 🙂
    So, how was your home cooked meal?

    PS. I love Utada Hikaru.

  4. Kazzart
    Aug 19, 2006

    CC: Thankee. 🙂 Ah of course you know about prochlorperazine eh. Any precautions I should be aware of? Side-effects? I’ve only taken 2 actually. Haven’t needed any more than that.

    Cryptkeeper: I did see the doctor. Thats how I got my meds. Lol. And thanks. And yeh I loooove Utada too!! Was thinking of doing an utada vid of some sort.. hmm.. 🙂

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