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3:23 pm Thu, 28th September 2006

Wow. Hyori Lee is kinda really hot! Ok I have never, ever listened to korean pop before. I don’t even listen to any asian music, aside from Utada Hikaru (jpop singer/songwriter). But I’m kinda liking Hyori’s stuff. *hmm whats that sound I hear… oh, thats just my music cred running out the door* 😛 She’s kinda an americanised asian version of Britney Spears. Heheh. And I did like Britney (pre-motherhood that is). Aaanyways. Yeh, Hyori is hot. And I loooove her hair in this video (Get Ya).. lovin the white streaks. *Some* of her dancing isn’t too bad either, having watched a couple of live vids. Others make me cringe, like most asian pop singers attempts at dancing.

Current listening :: “10 Minutes” – Hyori Lee

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  2. Dan
    Oct 3, 2006


  3. Mishi
    Oct 4, 2006

    i believe hyori lee was sued for that song “get ya” as it closely sounds like britney’s “do somethin'” but i agree with u, hyori is hawt.. but utada can really sing… and so can BoA.. (^_^)

  4. Kazzart
    Oct 4, 2006

    Mishi: Yeh I know about hyori’s record lavel getting sued. I think the songwriters sampled/stole some of britney’s do something. But I actually prefer this one over britneys one, which i find annoying.

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