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Happy 2007

11:57 am Thu, 4th January 2007

Wow. Can’t believe it’s 2007 already. How time flies.

Normally I try to write some sort of profound new years blog entry, but I seem to be lacking inspiration this year. Oh well. You can watch my NYE vlog instead. 🙂

Btw, I don’t expect to travel to ALL those locations I listed this year.. they were merely a list of possible destinations that I am interested in seeing. My resolutions are more like.. medium term goals over this year. Just some things I want to achieve this year, things that are important to me, to help keep me focused and disciplined when I get lazy/distracted/tired. (And the list isn’t all-inclusive.) And yes the editing is a bit choppy… Kwai did alot of it and we were in a hurry coz it was NYE and we needed to get out to watch the fireworks.

Myself and Kwai went to see the fireworks on NYE here in London, over the Thames. It was pretty cool, for London. Nothing compared to Sydney of course, but a good show nonetheless. And the atmosphere was pretty cool… for once people in London seemed warm and friendly and actually spoke to each other (or maybe it was just the alcohol).. but there was definitely a celebratory festive air on the banks of the Thames that night. Then we went home.. and it only took about an hour and half.. (which was quite good for NYE).. and stayed up till 5:30am celebrating the new year with our friends from around the world on stickam (ok it wasn’t as sad as it sounds.. it was fun) and watched the live video of Times Square celebrations in New York.

Coming up soon is our trip to Florence, Italy. We’re gonna spend 5 days in Florence for my birthday in mid jan. Can’t wait! It’ll be nice to just soak in the beauty, the art and the food of Florence over a relaxing 5 days.. no rushing from one city to another this time. 🙂


Some photos I took in December from my work. Pretty views of english countryside at dusk, during those few days we had such bad fog in London that they cancelled heaps of flights.

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