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Oye Como Va

5:27 pm Wed, 9th May 2007

I’ve started a new Latin Piano course at Goldsmith College. It’s great fun!! I had my first lesson last night. There are about 10 people in the class and we take turns on the piano. But whilst one person is on the piano, the rest of us form the band taking on various percussion instruments – clave, bongos, bell, casara, congos. There is a bass player too in the class. It’s awesome! I’ve always wanted to learn this latin style of playing – this class has opened up a whole new world of latin music and rhythm. It’s quite different from jazz. 🙂

One of the songs we did was “Oye Como Va” by Tito Puente – a king in the world of latin jazz. He plays the timbale and he is truly amazing! I found a fair few clips on YouTube, but this one just blew me away. It’s of him and band jamming on the streets of the Bronx, playing for his people.

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  2. Maria
    Jun 20, 2007

    Wow, Tito Puente is *rhythmical* amundo! The people on the street were getting jiggy too.. very cool! I wish you well with your Latin Piano course.. and hope you continue to enjoy it. Maybe we will see a vid one day?

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