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2:52 pm Thu, 28th February 2008

It is interesting the things we turn to for self-expression when we feel down. I notice this in myself.. that I automatically turn towards creative avenues.. such as music, dance, video creation, or blogging. Funnily enough all these things are often combined into one – eg when I create a video, it can involve a combination of music, dance and/or blogging. Probably why I love making videos. Because there are so many possibilities with it.. there is so much freedom of expression, with many different avenues to choose from and combine into that one final creative piece.

And so it is when things get me down, I fall back to self-expression. I guess this also holds true when life goes well.. when something good happens, it is nice to share your joy over this medium. What is life without the ability to share it with others? But still I find myself more drawn to self-expression when I feel down. Same goes with writing music.. I always find myself more creative & more inspired, when I’m down. Is it some unwritten requirement that an artist must be of the “tortured soul” variety?

Meh.. enough meanderings for one day. It’s been a while since my last blog entry. A few good things have happened since then. I got a promotion at work yesterday.. well starting as of next week I suppose. Nice to know that hard work really does pay off sometimes.. 🙂

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  1. 3 Comments on “Self-expression”

  2. Maria
    Mar 3, 2008

    Well, that is *good* news re: the promotion.. congrats!! I hope you like your new role!

    It’s also good that you turn to creative things (as you expressed).. as opposed to turning to the bottle.. or binge-eating.. destructive stuff like that.

    You can get that mug you enquired about in the UK.. it’s on sale from what I saw.. on this site

  3. Barbara
    Mar 13, 2008

    Hi Kazzart,

    I stumbled on your website while looking for information on the beautiful opera singer in Piazza Republica in Florence a couple of weeks ago. Did you happen to get her name or the name of the CD?

    Love your website, with the pictures and travel information. You are so fortunate to be where you are and have the ability to travel. I’m a novice at all the computer stuff, Youtube and all. It’s absolutely amazing!!


  4. Kazzart
    Mar 27, 2008

    Hi Barbara, thanks for your comment!

    I didn’t have the names or contact information at the time, but many people have seen and left comments on my 2 youtube videos that i posted of the opera singer – one person helpfully posted the contact details of them, which are written on their CD.

    Anatoliy Grischuk and Natalia Lopushanskaya
    CD: “Firenze Sogna”
    email: tolikkiev@rambler.ru
    tel Italia (+39)3208211830
    tel Ukraina (+38)044.4057611

    Hope this helps.

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