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Kaz Tweets on 2008-12-09

11:59 pm Tue, 9th December 2008
  • Not feeling the love back here.. ugh life always feels so miserable in London compared to continental european cities. #
  • Checking out my TweetStats too.. interesting. http://tweetstats.com/graphs/kazzart #
  • Oh boy am I in an über bad mood tonight or what.. Watch out! This bitch bites! #
  • Feeling really angsty, sad, blue, depressed, alone & miserable for some reason. Gud thing this seems to make my piano playing better. #
  • Today is just not my day. My handbag strap broke & I lost my favourite pair of lambskin cashmere lined gloves (bought in florence). Le sigh. #
  • Life sucks today. 🙁 #
  • Hey.. I’ve had 189 twooshes. Booyah! And my top 5 words are: work, time, lol, day, w00t. Hmm.. LOL! #
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