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Blog Revival?

1:20 am Thu, 7th February 2019

Been reading through my old blog posts from early-mid 2000s recently and they make me smile and reminisce. They’ve also inspired me somewhat. I’m feeling the urge to blog again. But I don’t want my posts to be polished, overly edited in that “journalism” way. I don’t want to feel pressured to write something deep and meaningful. I want them to be like my old blog posts – authentic, quirky, conversational, real.. a snapshot into my life at that moment, on that day.

I’ve attempted to revive my blogging habit a few times over the years but they’ve always fizzled out. Let’s see if this attempt sticks. The internet is a very different beast these days. I kinda miss the old days. There was a lot of charm in the blogosphere back then. An innocence and childlike wonder in sharing one’s life on the internet and just seeing if it connects or resonates with someone.

Ok so, in the spirit of old blogging days. Tonight I watched Alita with my partner and his friend. Interesting movie. I’m totally not an anime/manga watcher/reader so I went in with zero expectations. I do like all things sci-fi and fantasy so it was enjoyable for me but… I just found the ending a bit.. unsatisfying.

Well, it’s late. Bedfordshire for me.

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