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Lifestyles of the rich and…

12:46 pm Mon, 24th November 2003

I had a fairly enjoyable weekend. On Saturday a bunch of friends came over and we watched (my newly bought) The Two Towers extended edition dvd. Woohoo! T’was awesome!! I love LOTR… soooo can’t wait till RoTK comes out! 😀 I’m so swept up with it at the moment, that I’ve renewed my efforts to read the book again.. and finish it. Heh.

On Saturday night, my family and I went out to a fine restaurant called Orso, in Mosmon on the Spit, for my dad’s 60th birthday. It was very nice.. beautiful views of the water, yummy food, lovely interior. Here are some pics.

Now to the point of the title. There was also a birthday dinner at the restaurant that night. I found it interesting to observe these people. They were young, a combination of white and asian people.. must have been uni aged.. somewhere between 18 and 20 years. Yet the way they dressed and looked… were beyond their years. They looked… I dunno… like models (except they weren’t).. glamourous… with stylish upmarket clothing, perfect hair, perfect skin, and perfect makeup.. but too young to look that stylish. I guess in a word.. they looked rich. I dunno if its the fact that I’ve grown more observant (and cynical) over the years, or if I’ve just never ventured into areas in which these people reside.. but I couldn’t help noticing all this. And I suddenly felt frumpy and ugly.. with bad hair and cheap, unfashionable clothing. *sigh* And then… I got over it. I know I’m never going to be rich enough to be able to afford to look and dress like that. Well.. perhaps just on very special occasions (like the launch :P). And its not like I’m not already rich compared with most of the world.

On Sunday I went to the baptism of some of the youth at Glue. Afterwards, at one of the after-baptism parties, one of my glue girls had recently received a kitten… of only 4 weeks age! It was black with white paws… and was absolutely adorable!! It was the smallest kitten I’d ever seen and held. Soooooo cute!!!! Argh! I’ll post a pic of it as soon as I get it from a friend. I never saw Coltrane that small.. but then when I bought him, he was already almost 10 weeks old.

Current listening :: Innocent Eyes – Delta Goodrem

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  1. 6 Comments on “Lifestyles of the rich and…”

  2. yy
    Nov 25, 2003

    heh. that’s my area that you’re dissing

  3. Kazzart
    Nov 25, 2003

    Hehe… I’m not dissing the area. I might possibly be dissing the people I was blogging about… or I might not be. 🙂

    T’was just my observations and thoughts.

    Anyway, you don’t dress/look like them. So I’m sure its not everyone in that area. 🙂

  4. a l
    Nov 25, 2003

    you know you’re sooooo not frumpy or ugly 🙂 and our security is not in things of this earth… (but of course that’s not going to stop our earthly selves from thoughts of being rich and powerful, mwahahah. oops.)

    i’m going to buy my TTT dvd today! if it doesn’t pour that is. can’t wait to watch it.

  5. nate
    Nov 25, 2003

    shore people *meh*

  6. yy
    Nov 25, 2003

    it’s beaches not shore

    and i use to dress like them, then i got bored with it, now i dress for comfort

  7. Kazzart
    Nov 25, 2003

    a l: Hehe thanks.. 🙂 And ooh yeh TTT is awesome! Love the extended/new bits! Should def get it!

    yy: Yeh.. nowadays I’m more and more dressing for comfort too.. at least when I go to work. Tshirt and jeans all the way. 🙂 And beaches ppl.. meh. =P

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