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1:40 pm Fri, 28th November 2003

I had my final jazz fusion class for the year last night. Aww.. *tear* We did something a bit different.. instead of our usual warm, play songs and practise our soloing.. he gave us an exercise in reharmonisation! He first taught us a few techniques, played through 2 typical jazz standards (“Just Friends” and “All The Things You Are”) and a reharmonised version of those standards, done by himself or someone else. Then he gave us some manuscript paper, and for the rest of the lesson, we wrote our own reharmonisation of one of the 2 songs. (All of us chose “Just Friends” coz there were less chord changes.. heh.)

It was fun! We played to each other our reharmonsations. They really liked mine! My teacher actually wanted me to give him a copy when I finished it so he could play it for some of the other teachers! Heh. 🙂

Its not that hard either. You just take the melody note, and then think of all the possible chords that would go with that note, and which note of the scale it falls on. Some hints he gave for a real “bent” jazz sound, was to make the melody note an extension note of the chord (eg #5, or b9, or #11) as opposed to a guide tone (ie 3rd or 7th note of scale). He also suggested incorporating chord progressions like the “II V I” to make the melody and song flow better.

Erm. I know that probably went over alot of your heads.. but for those who have some musical background.. it might be useful. You can funk up some old and worn church songs this way. Marki used to do it for the music team when he was still at WS.. hence we have a really cool, jazzy version of “I love you Lord” and “Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah” and “O Mighty Cross” and “Amazing Love”. I wouldn’t mind trying this myself sometime! 🙂


“Thievesss… filthy little thievesss.. they ssstole it…”

My gym gear that is. A few months ago I lost my gym clothes and showering stuff at the gym. Just yesterday I saw a plastic bag containing *my* long-lost gym clothes on top of one of the private lockers. Hrrmmmmm. Were they actually dumb enough to steal my gym clothes, and then wear them to the same gym? Also, on the same day I found those gym clothes, I discovered my current set of gym clothes had gone missing, along with my showering gear… again.. including my new Tigi honey & oatmeal shampoo/cond!! Grrrrrr!!! Not Happy Jan. 🙁

Weekend Plans

So this weekend I’m planning on hitting the beach! Woohoo! Tomorrow is looking warm at 25 degrees. Yay! We’ll probably be going to one of the northern beaches again. Maybe Palm Beach! Then at night I’m going to see Bluebottle Kiss at the Annandale Hotel. Its their album launch gig. Should be absolutely awesome! 🙂

Oh.. I have pictures from my performance on Wed night… and recordings on cd! I’ll put up some mp3’s soon! And the pics. Hold your breath. 🙂

Current listening :: “Sisters head on” – Bluebottle Kiss

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  1. 3 Comments on “Reharmonisation”

  2. Iviane
    Nov 28, 2003

    Hey cheer up!!! *huggles*

    You are going to the beach!? Ahhh… I’m jealous!!! *bleh*

    Anyways, will be waiting for your mp3s and pictures! *wink*

  3. ?
    Nov 30, 2003

    prolly some white guy with a kinky fetish for asian female clothes…yuch!

  4. Kazzart
    Nov 30, 2003

    Wait… I though that was you.

    Anyway, I would have thought you’d have gotten the message by now. If you don’t have anything decent to say, please leave. I don’t know why you are still around, making inane comments. Perhaps you should take youself, and that chip on your shoulder, elsewhere.

    So consider this a warning.. if you do continue to be offensive, then I am going to have to ban your IP from this website.

    Iviane: Hey thanx! And aww cheer up… if sure the beaches over there are that bad! 🙂

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