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Summer time

11:08 am Wed, 3rd December 2003

Thanks to people for their kind words regarding the previous post. Things are much better now, and it probably wasn’t even as bad as I’d thought. πŸ™‚

I went to Avalon beach with some friends last Saturday. T’was very nice. It was a beautiful day.. though a bit on the windy side. And the water was absolutely freezing.. heheh.. but after you get used to it, its not so bad! πŸ™‚

I only managed to catch one wave with my boogie board. πŸ™ Coz to catch a wave, you had to go out to the sandbar, which was pretty tiring on a board. My arms were really sore the next day from all that paddling. My friend Paul taught me how to duck under waves with the board, which helped. But it’s a bit of a rough ride doing it.. feels like you’re going through a washing machine. The reason I only caught one wave was because the other times I tried, I lost the board on the way out there, which gets carried back to shore. Grr.


Anyways, here are some more piccies I took during the day. Got some nice scenic shots of the beach too. πŸ™‚ (More scenic shots here.)

Man, I can’t believe its December already! Where has the year gone. It is now officially summer… and the weather is pretty miserable. Not cold – just cloudy, rainy and humid. Yeuch. I can’t stand humid weather.

Another BBK gig

Almost forgot to add, on Sat night I went to see Bluebottle Kiss at the Annandale. I ended up going by myself, coz everyone else piked. But I met my friend Leo there, so it wasn’t too bad. And once BBK started playing, it didn’t really matter anyway! They were awesome!! It was their album launch of sorts. Dunno what difference it made to the gig. They played stuff mostly from their latest album, and from the previous “Revenge Is Slow”.

At the end, in the last song, they went crazy! Thrashing their guitars around, like they were gonna smash em on the ground. I think Jamie ended up dropping his guitar, and hence grabbed part of the drums and threw it onto the stage, then started banging it whilst holding his mic to it. Meanwhile Ben was still thrashing round, and ended it by dumping his guitar onto the drummers lap.. while he was still playing! Hehe. So funny.

Oh, and I got their set list. πŸ˜€


Andrew’s sister recently acquired a new little thing, about the size of your shoe and goes “miaow”! πŸ™‚ (As Andrew likes to describe it!) His name is Toby, he’s about 9 weeks old, and is soo cute!


Its been a week, I know, and I still haven’t gotten around to putting up the recordings from my jazz concert at the Conservatorium. I will soon.. I just keep forgetting to bring the cd into work. I do have some photos now though. Check em out. (For more clicky here.)

As for the post-mortem.. My performance went ok. I actually ended up playing another song for the Friday jazz fusion class coz their keyboardist was sick. So it was a little stressful being pulled in last minute. Of course I knew the song (“Mosaic”) coz we’d done it in our class too. The funny thing is, I think my solo for that song went better than my solo for “Wisdom” with my class. I guess it didn’t help that one of our guitarists arrived half way through the song, and plugged in, causing a few technical difficulties, which caused the bass player to drop out, so I got totally lost during my solo. Not that anyone noticed.. me getting lost that is. πŸ˜› Anyway.. listening to my performance… I’m not that happy with it. There is definitely ALOT of room for improvement. *sigh*

I will upload the mp3’s tomorrow. I promise! πŸ™‚

Current listening :: “Breath in now” – George

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  2. a l
    Dec 3, 2003

    lovely pics! (i think the first one of the four of you is especially good, sort of captures the moment well – blue sky, sun, sea, surf…) and very cute cat! πŸ™‚

    *now patiently waiting for mp3’s*

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