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6:17 pm Mon, 20th December 2004

Mmmm….. cooofffeeeeee…… šŸ˜€

Man I was sooooo tired this morning. But now that I am about 90% of the way through my large mocha, I’m feelin pretty good. I’ve never had such a clear effect on my awakeness by coffee. But damn, I am feeling wired!

[….. 1 day later….]

Hmm.. never got around to posting that post! Ah well. I’m still really tired… too many late nights, too many days in a row!! šŸ˜

Anyways, home time for me!

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  1. 4 Comments on “Wired”

  2. mockkie
    Dec 21, 2004

    Hey Kaz!!

    Stumbled on your blog while surfing another one!! thought i’d say hello while i was here! šŸ™‚

  3. Kazzart
    Dec 21, 2004

    Hey mockkie! How ya doing? Er.. which blog did you surf in from?

  4. mockkie
    Dec 22, 2004

    umm… stumbled on it from Mark’s blog (whom i don’t know) which i found from another friend’s blog… šŸ™‚

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