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4:32 pm Thu, 30th December 2004

Hmm. I can feel my mood taking a nose-dive into the more murky depths of melancholiness. I wonder if “that time” is approaching? Maybe I’m just tired. Meh. I feel like listening to my darker, depressive, sad yet sweet, angsty, and more passionately raw music. Gimme some George, gimme some Bic Runga, gimme some Bluebottle Kiss, gimme some Something For Kate, gimme some Doves, gimme some Radiohead, gimme some Cure…..

Have set winamp playlist to shuffle through a nice selection of appropriate albums.

Rant rant ranty rant rant. *sigh*

Current listening :: “Melody Calls” – Doves

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  1. 4 Comments on “Moody”

  2. a l
    Dec 30, 2004

    heya, thanks for doing meme =) but take care yeah? i’m sorta in the dumps as well, but maybe it’s a end of the year thing.

  3. leo
    Dec 30, 2004

    aaaaahhhh…choice choice selection of music!!!! well i’m down there wit ya in mood and spirit, then again i’m always there ahahaa…
    have u got anythin planned for nye yet? i’m off to a foam party at the tav…should be something to remember…

  4. Kazzart
    Dec 31, 2004

    al: Nps! Tis a very interesting meme to do. Thanks you for the idea! 🙂 U not feeling too great either? Aw, hope things get better for you also then. 🙂

    leo: 🙂 Thought u might approve. Hehe. Foam party?!?!? I’m prob going to a house party at a friend’s place.

  5. dawn_1o9
    Jan 1, 2005

    Happy New Year!

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