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We gots SNOW! :)

7:25 pm Wed, 28th December 2005

Well I had myself a white christmas this year! Yesterday, Tues 27th Dec (the christmas day public holiday) I awoke to the beautiful sight of snow in the backyard!! Yay!! Not much snow, but still its snow! I took some piccies which I’ll upload later. Then that very afternoon I went out to do some post-christmas sales shopping on Oxford Street. And upon exiting Oxford Circus tube, two things struck me. First, how absolutely packed with people Oxford Street was.. we were walking on the road coz there wasn’t enough room on the sidewalks. And two.. the fact that these lovely fat soft snowflakes were gently drifting down from the sky. That was pretty awesome!! It makes the absolute freezing cold temperatures worth it!! It wasn’t very heavy snow unfortunately, and with so many people trampling the ground, it didn’t really stay. But there’s still some snow on my street… on the cars.. in my backyard.. on the roofs. Hee! 🙂

Now the down side of having a (kind of) white christmas, is that it is friggin freezing! When I left for work this morning, it was about -1 degs C. Today’s top temp has been a grand total of 2 degs, with a min expected tonight of -2. Yikes. Everyone’s been freezing here at work coz the heaters weren’t on the last 4 days, and the building turned into a fridge. People were wearing gloves and beanies and scarfs. I turned my big puffy long coat into a blanket. 🙂

Post-christmas retail therapy

I purchased myself a few bargain items yesterday. I first headed straight to my favourite store – Morgan De Toi. Bought myself two cowl-necked woolly tops (burnt olive and black), and a black furry handbag. All half price! (On a side note, if you check out the website, go to UK site, look under Rock Chic collection, the “Cefred” dress – which the model holding the guitar standing in front of the marshall amp is wearing – I have that dress! Bought it during my Brussels shopping spree… such an awesome dress! I wear it with a sparkly crystal/gold/black velvet belt and black knee-high boots and my gorgeous brown suede fur coat).

We then headed to Selfridges – a cool, huge department store with a very trendy urban feel. I was looking for bath/shower products, but ended up buying two perfumes, both for half price. What a bargain! I replenished my classic Issey Miyake and also bought Calvin Klein One Summer Edition – which has quite a nice light fresh/fruity scent.

We were pretty much dying of hunger by then, so went to the food hall and wolfed down a scrummy square pie with mash, mushy peas and gravy. Then perused the rest of the food hall (which I think I’ve fallen in love with – would u believe they even have a Krispy Kreme donut counter there!).. and bought a loaf of roasted garlic bread (that I toasted for brekky this morning.. yum!), some Black & Greens hot chocolate and these really yummy fat free pretzel snacks. Mmm.

So thats my mini post-christmas shopping spree. My christmas break was otherwise spent eating, relaxing/chilling out, eating, sleeping, watching movies-on-demand for free on my digital box, ice-skating, eating, sleeping, eating, shopping… yeh.. that pretty much sums it up. I ate so much. I don’t want to see or even smell another turkey until next christmas!!

Okies well time to finish up at work. Gonna head off for a very-desperately-needed workout at the gym!! Stay tuned for photos of snow and oxford st lights!

Current listening :: “Kate” – Ben Folds Five

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  1. 2 Comments on “We gots SNOW! :)”

  2. CC
    Dec 31, 2005

    Hmmm. I definitely wouldn’t mind some snow at the mo’! It was 10am and already 28°C! It’s going to hit 39 or something like that in the city today, and tomorrow it’s going to be 43!


  3. Kazzart
    Jan 5, 2006

    Actually I think you would think twice abt that if you were here. Cold is NOT fun. I’d prefer to be hot than cold!

    And Happy New Year to you too. Hope u had a good one!

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