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Happy Easter

5:12 pm Thu, 13th April 2006

Thank goodness for long weekends. And this ones an extra long weekend – 4 whole days off work! Wheee. 🙂 Anyways, its nearly 6pm here, so I’m about to head off. Gonna watch She’s The Man tonight – looks really funny. And its a romantic comedy.. there hasn’t been a decent one out for a while. Yay for girly flicks. 🙂 Hope its good.

Plans for the long weekend. Not much really – need to save £££. Will be doing cheap (read: already paid for) things like going to the gym, watching movies, and cooking at home. Might head up to Stevenage for a day to visit some friends.

Ooh last night I made friends with the next door neighbour cat. He is sooooo cute! Like.. the friendliest cat ever! He followed me inside my flat and just followed me around, rubbing, purring, being really cute and attentive (but totally non scratchy or bitey). Soooo cute and sweet! I think he’s still quite young. Anyway he didn’t really wanna leave, so I let him stay the night. Hehe. Ok maybe a bit naughty of me (I wasn’t catnapping… honest.. ok I might have been just *slightly* tempted coz he was sooo cute) but I let him out the next morning coz he seemed hungry. I’ve seen him out and about the street before.. so I’m sure he comes and goes as he pleases through a cat flap. He sure made himself comfortable sleeping on my bed covers.. I didn’t get much sleep as he moved around on my legs.. and woke me up at 5:30 this morning purring and walking around my head and jumping on and off the bed! Still.. it was worth it. I miss having a cat.

Anyways (in the immortal words of Cher) – I’m outtie! 🙂

Current listening :: “Check on it” – Beyonce (this music video clip is so.. pink)

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  2. CC
    Apr 15, 2006

    I hope that cat isn’t your replacement for Coltrane! =) What if he finds out??!! *gasp*

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