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Take the lead

11:23 pm Tue, 18th April 2006

Watched this movie on the weekend (Antonio Banderas), and I have to say, its one of the best dance movies I’ve seen in a while. Very inspiring – I’m sure ballroom classes had a big influx in attendance after this movie was released! The dancing is pretty cool – makes me wanna learn to tango! Might get going to my salsa classes again hmm.. But other than the dancing, the plot of the movie was quite good too. Decent drama, with a some good laughs and inspiring dancing. Would you believe people in the cinema clapped near the end of the movie!! I admit I kinda felt like clapping too. You get a bit emotionally caught up.

Also watched She’s The Man, which I thoroughly enjoyed. One of the better romantic comedies I’ve seen this year. I kinda like Amanda Byrnes, as much a teeny bopper star as she is (I have a weakness for teeny boppy girly things *cough*) – but she is hilarious in this movie. Heehee.. a must watch for all – even the boys will have a laugh. Kwai enjoyed it. 🙂

Other than that, my weekend was spent flat hunting and watching the first half of Dark Angel Season 2.. plus the odd Family Guy episode. 😉

Yes I am flat hunting again. My landlord needs to move back into the flat. She rented it out because she was getting married.. but now they have broken up, called off the wedding, and she needs to move back to this flat. Hence, I need to find a new place to live. *sigh* But she’s being quite flexible.. I can move anytime from now until abt 6 weeks or so. So yeh, flat hunting again sucks… esp as I’m not exactly big on cashflow atm. Might have found a place down in Croydon. I’ve realised that the huge benefits of living further out really outweigh the benefits of living closer to central london. If you’re living in central london you’d get a place less than half the size, at more than double the price of something on the outskirts. So yeh, more space is good! Less rent is doubly good!!

Anyways its late now, gotta sleep!!

Current listening :: “S.O.S” – Rihanna (is it just me or does the choreography in this music video REALLY suck… its like, mega-cheesy beginners-jazz-class moves.. *shudder*)

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