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Rockin my suburb

3:58 pm Fri, 12th May 2006

I’ve just been reminded how much Ben Folds friggin ROCKS!! I found his myspace profile (incidentally, I’ve been added as a friend on his myspace friends!! WHEEEE!!!!) Anyway, he’s got 5 new songs written specifically for the new animation movie Over The Hedge.. I’ve just listened to “Still” on his myspace page – and I immediately fell in love with the song… within the first 5 seconds. Damn, he is one talented songwriter/musician. Can’t wait to hear the rest! I was also reading his blog, which is quite funny. It was cool reading about the process through which he wrote those songs. Interesting stuff.

Anyway, I’ve been soooo tired this whole week. Ever since the move last weekend. It’s messed up my whole week – that friday night with 3 hours sleep. I’m feeling pretty run-down now.. like I’m on the verge of getting sick (got a minor sore throat.. really hope it doesn’t develop into anything more). And I haven’t been to the gym or dance class at all this week. In fact, I haven’t done any exercise at all since wednesday nite last week.. thats over a week ago. Ugh. I feel gross… unhealthy, unfit and tired. I really need to exercise (gym or dance) at least once in a week. Otherwise my body starts to go into slob-mode… and I just don’t feel very good. I eat more, I feel more tired/lethargic, and my mood goes downhill (as my poor boyfriend can attest to). I guess things have been so busy, there are so many things I still need to do with the new place… such as finish unpacking the boxes! I needed to take it easy… esp since my body is weak and rundown.. I don’t wanna push myself too hard and really get sick. Patience. *sigh* But I wish I could have done at least one class this week.. yoga or pilates or even hiphop class tonight. Perhaps I can do something on the weekend hmmm. After a good nights sleep tonight, I might feel more up-to-it tomorrow. Or Sunday. We’ll see. At least its the weekend! TGI Friday! šŸ™‚


Oh, the landlord has FINALLY paid back the bond for my last place. Only yesterday. Took her long enough! Now I’m settling into my new place… its starting to feel a bit more like a home.. but as mentioned above, there’s still lots of work to do. Kwai is gonna install some new lighting – we discovered that you can actually put halogen lights into the normal light sockets using a halogen plug-in, like this one. So now I can have halogen lighting at home! Yay! I still need to buy a bookshelf. The living room is currently half filled with stacked boxes, coz I have nowhere to put those things. Myself and Kwai are gonna visit Ikea tonight. Such an exciting way to spend Friday night. Forget bars, pubs and clubs.. Ikea’s where its all at! And they’re open till midnight. Haha. šŸ˜› The builder will be coming in next week to do the bathroom. Yay.

Otherwise.. travelling to work from my new place is a lot better than before – I always get a seat on the comfortable air-conditioned trains šŸ™‚ …which is MUCH preferable to playing sardines on the overcrowded, non-airconditioned tube. Especially as summer draws near!

Current listening :: “Still” – Ben Folds (Over The Hedge OST)

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  1. 4 Comments on “Rockin my suburb”

  2. CC
    May 13, 2006

    Ooh! I like that halogen plug-in light! Very nice! =)

  3. ley
    May 17, 2006

    i love halogen lights! they are so classy, and bright. but they get awfully warm, but considering the weather u are experiencing its actually a pro. (:

    btw, i was going to ask u when u were in sydney where did u take your dancing classes? anywhere u might recommend in particular? (not a list, maybe one or two) hehe im interested as i want to do some exercise but dont really like the gym. d:

  4. Kazzart
    May 17, 2006

    Oooooh…. very good question!! This is definitely something I can help you with. It depends what style of dance you want to do… do you prefer jazz/funk (eg britney spears, janet jackson.. madonna pop sorta stuff) or hiphop (like.. Usher, Ne-Yo, Missy Elliot.. You Got Served movie..)

    The main dance companies in Sydney are:
    – Sydney Dance Company (sydneydancecompany.com)
    – DanceKool (dancekool.com)
    – Dance Central (dancecentral.com.au)
    – Mango Dance Studio (mangodance.com.au).

    Sydney Dance Company is best for jazz. Try Ramon’s beginners jazz. He’s a very good teacher, (and totally gay). SDC is a more established company, and well organised with good studios, but can be a bit snobby sometimes, and classes can be very crowded. They do have some good hiphop there too.. and a wide range of other styles.

    DanceKool is best for HipHop.. and is run by mostly a bunch of jap guys! I’ve only ever done Laura’s class there – I really like her routines. She’s really nice too. The culture at DanceKool is really great – very friendly and laidback.. its all about dancing there. No snobbery. šŸ™‚ Studios not as swanky.. esp since they’ve moved to City Dance Centre.. but they have classes in Nth Syd and Parra now too..

    My friend/prev teacher actually owns the new Mango Dance Studios in Nth Sydney. She was in the planning stages of setting it up when I was doing her classes in Syd – so I’ve never been there before. Looks like they have some good teachers there tho.

    At Dance Central I’ve only ever done an intermediate/adv level hiphop. Not sure how the beginners classes are.

    So check out the websites, and see which classes interests you. Better yet, try a few and see what you like!

    But I definitely recommend dancing.. its awesome fun and great for exercise! šŸ™‚

  5. ley
    May 18, 2006

    ohhh great thanks so much im gonna have a look at those sites now! uve been really helpful justtttt to let u know! (; thanks babe. (: xx

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