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11:36 pm Sun, 9th December 2007

Geez my post titles are getting boring. I can’t seem to think of anything witty or interesting for them these days. Anyway as Ella meows at me in the background, I just wanted to make a quick update about the weekend.

I had a rather nice weekend, spending quality time with Kwai. Also, most importantly, I slept in. πŸ™‚ On Saturday, I had a follow up massage (following my acupuncture treatment last Thursday that I had because I was suffering big time from a recurring neck/back injury pain). Then afterwards we went out to see a movie – The Golden Compass. I was interested in seeing it not only because it was based on a fantasy book (and you know how I love my fantasy books), but also wanted to see what the controversy was about. I enjoyed the movie, even though the direction was pretty crap.. typically as happens when they make a movie out of a book.. it just jumped from section to section missing out probably great chunks of important background and depth that would have been explained in the book.. but as I have not read the books, I didn’t have that assumed knowledge. So it all felt a bit disjointed.) Anyway, I still liked the story, though I can also understand why it caused controversy, if you want to look at it in a certain way. But I don’t think it was that bad.. maybe just coz I’m used to fantasy storylines so I know how to read them – as fantasy!

Anyway that was a bit of a tangent. Back to my weekend. It was just a leisurely nice weekend.. as if we getting into holiday mode.. but I still managed to get some important stuff done – sorted out some finances, cleaned up at home, made some final holiday arrangements and bookings, went to the gym today, watched Heroes, and spent quality time at home with Kwai.

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  1. 3 Comments on “Weekend”

  2. Maria
    Dec 12, 2007

    I have to copy/paste that title to use in the future.. hehe πŸ˜› Seriously.. sometimes I have a full post written-up and I spend ages racking my brain searching for the appropriate title… and I end up putting the whole post on ice.. into drafts because I had NO idea what to call it 8-/

    My sister and brother in law in SYD.. they’re big on the spa-thing.. They are frustrated, long-hours career people who take trips and then all of a sudden.. life is worth living again. SYD has so much more to offer them than the places they lived in the USA.. (hence why they moved there)..but I don’t think they’re ever happy if I’m to tell you the truth.

    They’re going to ‘Camp Eden’ just after Christmas. http://www.campeden.com.au

    Sounds like you’ll have a blissful time!

    Merry Christmas to you and Kwai..
    Stay safe,

  3. Kazzart
    Dec 12, 2007

    Thanks Maria! I’ve actually split the post into two separate posts now.. so your comment on this one may not make alot of sense.. sorry!

    Hehe anyway yeh London is a very stressful city to live in (as I’ve mentioned a few times before) so its necessary to get away on a regular basis. Also both me and kwai have started in the past 4-5 months very demanding jobs – for him its starting up a business, me working for a top digital agency.. so yeh.. we both really need to get away.

    Sydney was heaps more relaxed compared with London!

    Anyway I hope you also have a very merry christmas and relaxing holiday. πŸ™‚

  4. Maria
    Jan 6, 2008

    Hi again!
    I read this post because I thought it was new and was going to comment but noticed I already had! I figured you must have changed the post somehow!
    Christmas was OK. I missed not having it in Sydney with my sister and the usual fish market visit and seafood feast on Christmas day.. However, the plan is to head to SYD for the Australia Day weekend.. I hope that happens.. it’s the plan.. Finances are the only question mark. Happy New Year! p.s. New Years Eve here was 43deg C. Blehhhh!

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