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Snow Day in London

4:31 pm Fri, 6th March 2009

On 2nd February 2009, London saw it’s heaviest snowfall in 18 years… and I actually made it into work! I’m glad I did though, because we had the most epic snowball fight EVAH! 🙂 The vlog below documents this epicness, as well as some pretty snowy scenery along the way.

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  1. One Comment on “Snow Day in London”

  2. Maria
    Aug 21, 2009

    Hi Karen,

    I came here to specifically leave a message in reply to your latest Tweets I’ve woken up to here in Australia. Re: you being robbed. I was shocked and sorry to hear this happened to you.

    6 years ago (when I was a single mother), my daughter and I came home from a holiday (Sydney & Brisbane) back to Geelong in Victoria (my daughter is Jenstar4eva on Twitter).. she was 8 years old.. and we came home to find a window wiiiiide open and curtains blowing outside like a giant flag in the wind.

    It was a horrible thing to find. The thieves had turned the electricity off, so we could tell they’d broken in within 24hrs of our arrival because the stuff in our freezer wasn’t yet defrosted. They stole about 60 of my CD’s (all I had), computer hard drive, telephone, micro-stereo hi-fi system I’d bought myself before we left to go on holiday. I had ‘fake’ flower arrangements which they had pulled out, stem by stem out of the foam and broke up the foam.. looking for money and valuables. They’d even gone through things in the freezer (where people sometimes hide money and valuables.. even emptying food packets).

    My passport was stolen as was my Australian citizenship certificate … all up $5,000 worth of goods – not replacement value, just re-sell value.

    Ktichen drawers were pulled out, upturned on the kitchen floor.. the place was in unbelievable disarray. My landlord then blamed me for the robbery saying I’d obviously told too many people that we were going on holiday. (Mind you my car was left in the driveway and I’d left a light on inside when we’d left… maybe that was a giveaway)? A few houses in the area I heard later (when I was having a garage sale… in preparation for MOVING).. had been robbed also. It was an awful feeling. And I had no contents insurance either.

    Anyway.. so my heart went out to you.. and I’m pleased that Ella is ok. Again, so sorry that this happened to you.

    P.S. I just viewed the ‘snow’ video for the first time… and enjoyed it very much & I was excited to hear you saw Robert Downey Jnr in the street.. w00t!

    Take care.

    Maria. 🙂

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