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Zouk Lambada

5:08 pm Fri, 6th March 2009

I’ve recently started learning a new amazingly beautiful dance from Brazil called Zouk-Lambada (a bit different from the old 80’s lambada). I’ve only been taking classes fora month but I think I’ve fallen in love with the beauty, passion and grace of this dance. It is different from salsa in many ways, and IMO, physically and technically more challenging.

Below is a video recently taken at my dance teacher’s birthday celebration performing a birthday dance with her husband (who is also a Lambada teacher). They look so amazing together!

She is my inspiration in this beautiful art form and as you watch her dance, I think you’ll see why!

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(Btw notice the shiny new video player I’m using? I’ve decided to start hosting my own videos.. it’s only a bit of extra work after the video editing – flv compression and incorporating a flash video player into my blog… but seeing as I have the tools and the know-how… Perchè No! Why not!)

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