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And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going

I watched DreamGirls on the weekend. I’m now totally obsessed with the song “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”. There seems to be much debate about who sings the better version of this song. I’ve scoured YouTube looking for all versions, including the most recent sung by Jennifer Hudson (from Dreamgirls), original Broadway version by Jennifer Holliday, that performance by 11 year old Bianca Ryan, a cover by Whitney Houston, and even covers by filo divas like Regine.

After some pondering, I’ve decided the original is the best.. there is just no comparison to the amount of soul, raw emotion and sheer power Jennifer Holliday puts into this song. It’s not that pretty to look at (her face is a bit scary sometimes!), and it’s not a nice “polished” song, but I think that’s how it’s supposed to be, and it’s what makes this song so powerful. I can’t stop watching this clip (below) – makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time! I wish I could have even just 50% of the voice this woman has. *sigh* She is probably the most powerful belter I’ve ever heard. And then some!

NB: Song begins from about 3:30mins.

Comments Fixed

Btw I’ve fixed the comments. Somehow the script permission got changed. Strange coz I never touched it. Anyway it’s working now.. so comment away. Not that anyone reads this anymore since I’ve been so lazy with this site lately. Been distracted by other things is my excuse. But I really need to overhaul this site at some point.. and do that dreaded move to the new server.

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Wow. Hyori Lee is kinda really hot! Ok I have never, ever listened to korean pop before. I don’t even listen to any asian music, aside from Utada Hikaru (jpop singer/songwriter). But I’m kinda liking Hyori’s stuff. *hmm whats that sound I hear… oh, thats just my music cred running out the door* 😛 She’s kinda an americanised asian version of Britney Spears. Heheh. And I did like Britney (pre-motherhood that is). Aaanyways. Yeh, Hyori is hot. And I loooove her hair in this video (Get Ya).. lovin the white streaks. *Some* of her dancing isn’t too bad either, having watched a couple of live vids. Others make me cringe, like most asian pop singers attempts at dancing.

Current listening :: “10 Minutes” – Hyori Lee

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Can’t think of a clever title

So I’m STILL sick and still trying to recover. I marvel at just how much snot my nose can produce. I mean.. is there an endless supply or what? Hehe sorry if thats too much info. 😛

Anyway I have some good news, but I won’t go into that just yet. All will be revealed by the end of next week. If you’re that curious then feel free to email me, but really, its not a big deal – just a little something I’m fairly happy about. 🙂

Still haven’t had a chance to trawl through the pics from Italy. But I found some miscellaneous pics taken around London over the past month or so. Enjoy.

So summer has drawn to a close here in London. And with the onset of autumn begins a “new year” in many areas. For one, bible study group will be starting up again in 2 weeks time. I’m quite looking forward to hanging out with our “rebel” group regularly again. Our group is actually moving away from St Helens – we’re joining the church plant at Clerkenwell. So looks like I’ll be going to a new church soon. I’ve already volunteered my piano playing skills for the service. So yay.. I’m gonna be able to play piano again soon.. after so long without. :))) Nicely coinciding with this is the start of the courses at Goldsmiths University of London – the PACE (Professional and Community Education) program, which is much like the Sydney Conservatorium of Music access program. I’m gonna audition for the Modern Jazz Workshop. *crosses fingers* Hopefully my skills are enough for the course and I haven’t forgotten absolutely everything I learnt at the Con. It’ll be good to just get playing again. Even if I don’t have a piano at home… some playing is at least better than none. And perhaps I can practice on the church piano…

Current listening :: “Pose” – Justin Timberlake

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More YouTube

Yay! I found my absolute favourite Kelly Clarkson performance ever. Actually this is my absolutely favourite American Idol performance too. 🙂 I just wished she sang more stuff like this now.. or even more soulful stuff, and less pop/rock.

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Cat Empire live

I went to see The Cat Empire last friday night. The last time I saw them in London was about a year ago, with a l. 🙂 It was such an awesome gig I had to go again, this time dragging Kwai with me. I bought these tickets as soon as they came out months ago. And this time I remembered to bring my digital camera. And again have uploaded some vids to good ol YouTube. 🙂

Pics to come too.

1. “The Car Song” – a very energetic opening song off their 2nd album, awesome keyboard solo starting around 4:00 and bass solo around 7:30


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Bic Runga live in concert

I went to see Bic Runga for the second time this year. This time it was at Shepherds Bush Empire, London. And I remembered to bring my digital camera too! I took quite a few videos of lotsa songs. Click on the “more” link at the end of this post to view.

It only just occurred to me, that both times after a Bic Runga gig, something bad has happened to my Sony Erricsson w900i. The first time, it WSOD (white screen of death) and I lost all my vids and photos. Now this time, my phone got nicked. Wow. Maybe I should avoid her gigs in future. (Kidding.. sorta).

Anyway.. enjoy. 🙂


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Setlist and random photos

(Note: She deviated slightly from the set list, playing “Drive” instead of “When I See You Smile”)

Getting the bus from work to Clapham Junction station kinda sucks. Once I’m at the station, getting home is a breeze. But getting to the station is the hard part. Actually getting to any station from my work sucks. And the bus stop isn’t even that close. (Not that I mind, coz the walking/running to the bus stop is good for me :)). Anyway, crossing Battersea Bridge is especially bad. Traffic is always chockas, and yesterday was a classic example. One of those open-top tour buses picked the worst place to break down. Traffic in almost every direction was stuck, and so was I. Took me an extra 40 mins.. but I eventually made it home.

Oh yeh, and its 28 today, with a forecast of 26, 28, 28, 27 for the next 4 days!!! Go London summer! Pity there are no beaches. 🙁 Anyway, gonna do a salsa class tonight! Yay. I’ve been pretty irregular this year with salsa.. really need to get back into it! Then am meeting Kwai at Drinkstag (which is german for Drinks Day.. or evening).. with some of his expat friends from Frankfurt who have now returned to London.

Current listening :: “Shake” – Ying Yang Twins

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It’s quite warm today, prob about 24/25 degrees, and tis a bit stuffy in the office (no air con, only windows). I feel kinda sleepy now… *yawn* Well at least summer is finally here. The next few days and the weekend are forecast to reach around 26 – 28 degs! Methinks its time to pull out the havaianas, skirts and singlet tops. 🙂

Life has been.. chugging along I s’pose. Been quite busy at work.. but otherwise have just spent time hangin out with Kwai, going to the movies, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, church, bible study, gym, and the slightly irregular dance class. Me and Kwai have been watching a movie (or 2) pretty much every weekend (seeing as its the only thing we can do that doesn’t cost money.. other than the monthly £14). Over the past month, we’ve watched Mi:III, The DaVinci Code, XMen III, Poseidon and United 93. Kwai also watched The Omen yesterday (without me of course – s’if I would ever watch that!) And over the next month or so, I’m looking forward to Superman Returns, Over The Hedge, Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Mans Chest. I’ve also been enjoying regular workouts at the gym. Its nice to get the body moving and just let loose after sitting at a computer all day. I’ve started doing a body pump class on monday nights. Keep this up, and I’ll be buff in no time! Hehe. It’s certainly workin the muscles.. I really feel it afterwards.. and it takes me about 2 or 3 days to recover! :/

Belated Bic Post

Kwai and myself went to see Bic Runga the weekend before last, down in Brighton (nice town on the south coast of England – but only 1/2 hrs train ride away from Croydon). I would have blogged about it earlier. We were literally 2 metres away from her, right at the front of this very intimate gig. I took so many photos and videos on my phone. BUT…. my phone decided to WSOD and die the night before I was going to upload the photos. Damn you Sony Erricsson! After some research on google, I believe the only way to save the phone is to do a firmware flash. Which means I lose all my data. Damn you Sony Erricsson!! *sigh* 🙁

Well, one photo was not lost. The one taken with kwai’s camera. Of me and Bic, after she signed the set list I nicked off the stage (it even has her footprint on it!). She’s really nice and very friendly.. she hung about signing everyone’s CDs, having a chat to each person and posing for photos with them. Her mother is on tour with her too, selling the cds at the table after the gig. She seems like a typical chinese mother!! Hehe.

The gig itself was awesome. I love her new stuff! It sounds less depressing live than it does on the cd (maybe it’s the strings). She sung quite a few old tunes too, including “Drive”, “Bursting Through” and “Sway”. Very happy was I!! But I think the highlight of the gig was a cover she and her band did of this french song “Ne Me Quitte Pas”. It was incredible.. just so emotional and soulful – she sung it really well. I have to find a copy of it somewhere. Esp since I lost the video I took. Grrr. Anyway, I remember she used to be quite shy and uncertain in gigs. I think she still was a little at the beginning, but then she seemed to warm up to the audience and relax a bit.

Well, I’ll post up a pic of the set list tonight or something. Guess I should get back to work. Bleugh.

Current listening :: “The Rhythm” – The Cat Empire (great summer listening… ooh and I’m going to see them again in August!)

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