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Fond memories

Well, as promised, I’ve finally uploaded another set of photos taken in Sydney. These were all taken at my favourite beach in Sydney – Palm beach. 🙂 Kwai and myself made the most of our last day in Sydney (which happened to be a gorgeously sunny, blue skied day) and soaked up the sunshine at palm beach. We also took a fair few pics with Kwai’s digital SLR. Below are a few highlights (geez it was hard to pick only 8!) – you can view the rest here.

Isn’t it just beautiful? *sigh* I’ve ingrained the memories of that day in my head – they’re gonna have to last me the next year or so!!

May is a good month

So we just had yet another long weekend, only 2 weeks after the easter long weekend. It’s called May Day – a bank holiday on the 1st monday in May. Yay. 🙂 Then at the end of this month we get another bank holiday – called spring bank holiday or something. Not a bad time of year hey… and summer is just around the corner! The days are warming up.. no longer do I have to suffocate myself in 3 layers, scarf and gloves. 🙂 I look forward to the day I can wear t-shirts again! This thursday is even forecast to hit 25 degs. Yay!

Anyway, on Saturday I went to this err.. political demonstration / protest / concert.. called Love Music, Hate Racism. It was a free gig in Trafalgar Square. I went mainly because Belle & Sebastian were playing. 🙂 It was a protest against racism, and the British Nationalist Party – coz elections are coming up. Good cause – about 3000 turned up, but it didn’t get much media coverage at all.

On sunday myself and Kwai went to St Helens (we’ve pretty much settled on going there regularly now). Monday we played basketball with some of the guys from St Helens, ate an infamous Hot Salt Beef bagel at the Beigel Place on Brick Lane, and watched 16 Blocks (quite an intense movie).

Movin’ out

This week is gonna be pretty busy for me, as I’m moving this weekend! Yep, the flat was found (in east croydon), the decision was made, credit and reference checks were all good… so I’m moving on Saturday! Gotta pack everything into boxes.. and have to move furniture too coz it’s an unfurnished flat. What a hassle to move. BUT the new place is more spacious (a 1 bedroom, as opposed to studio flat).. and cheaper.. plus it has a garage too! It is further from central london – but there are very regular fast trains into central london, so its actually quite a convenient location to live (and its very close to public transport). Many central London workers live out in this area and do the commute by train. You definitely get more for your money out here.

Well I gotta head off soon. Am meeting Kwai at St Helens – we’re starting another bible study course tonight called The Big Picture. Should be good!

Current listening :: “Better together” – Jack Johnson

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Hello from the office toilet!

Yes. I am bored today. 😛

Notice the new blue glasses? (See cam pic for close-up view.) 😀

*yawn* Man I’m tired today.

Current listening :: “I ain’t gotta tell you” – Ne-Yo

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A foggy day..

.. in London town. Yep it is quite foggy and miserable today in London. On days like today, pictures like the ones below make me feel rather homesick.

These were taken during the trip home. The first of 3 visits to the beach, at one of my favourite beaches in Sydney – Freshwater. 🙂

But anyway, my weekend wasn’t bad. Watched two movies on Saturday (oh the unlimited card rocks!) – American Dreamz and Eight Below. The first kinda sucked, even though Mandy Moore was in it. I didn’t really like the ending. Eight Below was great! A definite must for dog fans, esp if you like Huskies – its an absolute Husky-fest! Its way better than Snow Dogs, but beware, there are a few tear-jerker moments. 🙂 Its a typical soppy disney, but I loved it. Makes me wish I had a husky… or 7. 😛 Here’s a still from the movie (more pics in the “more” section):

Farewell KC Actors Studio

Tonight is the KC Actors Studio Showcase, where the students from this past term get the chance to perform for agents and directors. It’s the also the end for KC Actors Studio. The school hasn’t done well financially, so Kwai’s decided to put the whole thing on hold for now and go back into Banking for a bit (selling his soul, as he puts it). But its sure been hectic leading up to this Showcase – so many things to organise. Ugh. I’ll be glad when its all over. Though there won’t be much time to relax, as I’ll have to start packing soon because I am possibly moving next weekend.

Dinner for 2.. on the company!

Work is going pretty well for me at the moment. I’m quite happy here, and my bosses tell me I’m doing a good job. I just completed a project last week, and as reward for a job well done, the CEO is giving myself and Kwai dinner on the company, anywhere we want!! We’re thinking of going to a Gordon Ramsey restaurant (3 michelin stars). Either at Royal Hospital Road or Claridges. The menu prestige looks absolutely mouthwatering. *drools* And so it should be for 90 pounds per person! I think budget isn’t an issue as my boss (also worked on the project) will be going up to The Fat Duck (which won the best restaurant in the WORLD award last year and also has 3 michelin stars). I’m tempted to try it too – it’s renowned for its creative and innovative dishes – eg bacon and egg ice-cream – sounds wierd, but its supposed to be really really good! Tasting menu is nearly 100 pounds for one person!! Hrm.. so which one should we go to – Gordon Ramseys or The Fat Duck?

Current listening :: “1001” – The Cat Empire


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Four years

Well, thanks to Vron, I’ve just been reminded that my blog has hit the ripe old age of 4. Yep I’ve been at it for 4 years. Gee how time flies. 4 years, 3 boyfriends, 2 countries later… from my first eloquent entry, through many ramblings, rants and redesigns.. plus the
odd controversial post.. to now.. I’m still here and still blogging.

Happy anniversary aye.

Current listening :: “Unbreakable” – Alicia Keys (live)

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Take the lead

Watched this movie on the weekend (Antonio Banderas), and I have to say, its one of the best dance movies I’ve seen in a while. Very inspiring – I’m sure ballroom classes had a big influx in attendance after this movie was released! The dancing is pretty cool – makes me wanna learn to tango! Might get going to my salsa classes again hmm.. But other than the dancing, the plot of the movie was quite good too. Decent drama, with a some good laughs and inspiring dancing. Would you believe people in the cinema clapped near the end of the movie!! I admit I kinda felt like clapping too. You get a bit emotionally caught up.

Also watched She’s The Man, which I thoroughly enjoyed. One of the better romantic comedies I’ve seen this year. I kinda like Amanda Byrnes, as much a teeny bopper star as she is (I have a weakness for teeny boppy girly things *cough*) – but she is hilarious in this movie. Heehee.. a must watch for all – even the boys will have a laugh. Kwai enjoyed it. 🙂

Other than that, my weekend was spent flat hunting and watching the first half of Dark Angel Season 2.. plus the odd Family Guy episode. 😉

Yes I am flat hunting again. My landlord needs to move back into the flat. She rented it out because she was getting married.. but now they have broken up, called off the wedding, and she needs to move back to this flat. Hence, I need to find a new place to live. *sigh* But she’s being quite flexible.. I can move anytime from now until abt 6 weeks or so. So yeh, flat hunting again sucks… esp as I’m not exactly big on cashflow atm. Might have found a place down in Croydon. I’ve realised that the huge benefits of living further out really outweigh the benefits of living closer to central london. If you’re living in central london you’d get a place less than half the size, at more than double the price of something on the outskirts. So yeh, more space is good! Less rent is doubly good!!

Anyways its late now, gotta sleep!!

Current listening :: “S.O.S” – Rihanna (is it just me or does the choreography in this music video REALLY suck… its like, mega-cheesy beginners-jazz-class moves.. *shudder*)

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Happy Easter

Thank goodness for long weekends. And this ones an extra long weekend – 4 whole days off work! Wheee. 🙂 Anyways, its nearly 6pm here, so I’m about to head off. Gonna watch She’s The Man tonight – looks really funny. And its a romantic comedy.. there hasn’t been a decent one out for a while. Yay for girly flicks. 🙂 Hope its good.

Plans for the long weekend. Not much really – need to save £££. Will be doing cheap (read: already paid for) things like going to the gym, watching movies, and cooking at home. Might head up to Stevenage for a day to visit some friends.

Ooh last night I made friends with the next door neighbour cat. He is sooooo cute! Like.. the friendliest cat ever! He followed me inside my flat and just followed me around, rubbing, purring, being really cute and attentive (but totally non scratchy or bitey). Soooo cute and sweet! I think he’s still quite young. Anyway he didn’t really wanna leave, so I let him stay the night. Hehe. Ok maybe a bit naughty of me (I wasn’t catnapping… honest.. ok I might have been just *slightly* tempted coz he was sooo cute) but I let him out the next morning coz he seemed hungry. I’ve seen him out and about the street before.. so I’m sure he comes and goes as he pleases through a cat flap. He sure made himself comfortable sleeping on my bed covers.. I didn’t get much sleep as he moved around on my legs.. and woke me up at 5:30 this morning purring and walking around my head and jumping on and off the bed! Still.. it was worth it. I miss having a cat.

Anyways (in the immortal words of Cher) – I’m outtie! 🙂

Current listening :: “Check on it” – Beyonce (this music video clip is so.. pink)

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Updates and pics

Yet another monday morning. Bleugh. I have a deadline for wednesday.. gotta finish as many pages as possible for our latest client’s website – H00ver Sp@res, because 6 of them are coming in for a meeting on wed and I’m gonna be attending that meeting. My first client facing meeting! *scary*

My weekend was ok. Watched two movies – Inside Man and Ice Age 2. Enjoyed both. Went to Fusion Funk dance class on sat for the first time in yonks. Man I’m outta shape. Felt sore in places I haven’t been sore for a while. Dance class is such a great workout. 🙂 Also went to the gym on sunday for a “light” workout and finished with a relaxing steam and sauna.

Anyway, finally found some time to upload a couple of pics taken in Sydney. These were taken on Sun 19th March out by the harbour/rocks area at night. *sigh* Sydney is just beautiful.

The Sydney Opera House by night. 🙂 This pic was taken after Gav, Wongo, Nate’s bday bash at the Belgian Beer Cafe. Me and Kwai decided to go get some dessert at Pancakes on the Rocks, and happened to find parking by the harbour, under the Harbour Bridge next to the Park Hyatt. It was a beautiful night – so out came the cameras and we got snap happy for the next 45 mins. 🙂 These are the best of the lot, taken with my old sony cybershot – no match for Kwai’s digital SLR of course – but I’m quite happy with these shots. I found a wooden post to rest my camera on to take the long exposure night shots. The pics below are looking back towards the Sydney CBD and The Rocks. You can view full 1024 sized photos in my sydney gallery. More pics to come!

Current listening :: “Listening for the weather” – Bic Runga

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Happy snap #1

First of many photos. Lookee here – we got our pic snapped with my friend Christian and his buddy DJ Ace at Bamboo (Martin Place Bar) on the final Sat of our holiday in Oz. *sigh* Good times. 🙂 (Btw don’t mind Kwai’s wierd facial expression.. he seems to have a thing for doing these.. you get used to it.)

Anyway, I was talking to a work colleague today, another aussie. He’s been in London for about 10 months too.. like me. And he was saying how he was planning on returning to Australia sometime round the end of this year – explaining that London wasn’t really for him. There are too many people here.. too crowded.. Australia is so much more spacious and comfortable. Plus he didn’t really want to stick around for another london winter, as he doesn’t like the darkness and cold. He’s a sunshine, warmth and beach sorta person. And I was standing there nodding furiously, thinking “YES! That is so me! There is another out there thinking like me. So not everyone who comes here from Oz absolutely loves it!” It made me feel… vindicated.. for some reason.

But alas I will not be going back to Australia so soon. I will stick it out for a bit more… I have extra factors to consider.. like my bf. I also want to travel europe a bit more first, and take advantage of the different opportunities here. Also save up some precious pounds. But eventually.. I’ll go home. Sydney is where I belong. (Preferably near a beach ;))

Current listening :: “So sick” – Ne-Yo

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First day back at work. Been pretty slow today.. or rather, my brain has been pretty slow today. 3 weeks holiday makes for one rusty web developer. (Er.. how do I use visual studio again? Hehe.) Anyway, had a fairly warm welcome from my work colleagues which was nice. I suppose bringing back a family pack of TimTams and a tin of true blue aussie Milo helps. Esp considering the IT directors (my managers) are both aussie. 🙂

It’s not all been warm and happy on my end. Though the weather is considerably warmer than when I left.. with spring in the air and flowers a-blooming (quite pretty really.. gonna have to take some pics).. I’ve been feeling the homesickness quite keenly. Esther had commented on how leaving home the 2nd time is more difficult. And I think she is right. I really miss Sydney. But what I miss the most – more than the scrumptious jap restaurants, yummy Boost smoothies, beautiful sandy beaches, the nightlife and karaoke-craziness, my wonderful friends… is my family. My parents. Even though I still get irritated with them at times, I really miss their presence in my life. I guess I feel kinda lost without them. I miss my home… the completeness of having your family around you. Coltrane included of course. 😛 I’ve been feeling pretty sad and depressed since arriving back in London. It suprises me how strongly I feel about my family. And that they feel similarly. I didn’t realise we were such a close knit family. Guess you don’t realise these things till they’re gone. *sigh*

Anyways, before I make myself cry at work, I better finish up and get back to work! Nearly 6pm now. Yay! I’m tired. Jetlag sucks.

Current listening :: “If I Had You” – Bic Runga (new album “Birds” – kinda depressing album.. by the last track, it feels a bit slit-your-wrists)

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Hello from Heathrow

So I’m sitting here on my laptop in Heathrow airport in a cafe, making use of some rather expensive wireless internet. Its kinda cool though… wireless is cool. 🙂 Anyway, am waiting for kwai to arrive (we caught sep flights from HK because our tickets were booked separately – tho we managed to travel together for 3/4 of the way) – his flight was 2 hours later than mine.

Man I’m tired. 13 hour flights are not fun. I did get a fair amount of sleep – but considering I didn’t sleep at all the night before as we had to leave my uncles flat at 4am to get to the airport by 5am to make my 7:40am flight…. it is understandable that I kinda totally passed out once I got on the plane! I woke up about 6 hrs later, only to realise I had at least another 6 hours to go before I could get off cattle class on my Qantas 747.

But I digress. I’m tired. I think kwai’s flight has probably landed now. And my wireless connection ends in abt 10 mins time. So better wrap this post up. Its kinda wierd and mildly depressing to be back in London. Back to cold reality. Although the temp is only a mild 15 degrees today.. which is definitely much warmer than the 5 degrees in which we left London.

Oh yeh.. HK was fun. Shopping in HK is ultra fun. I shopped wisely though – stuff I had planned to buy beforehand, and stuff that is a fraction of the price I would have paid here in London. My purchases include a new pair of specs (Gucci, plastic and blue!), new G7 logitech wireless mouse for work (coz my work mouse sucks), a gorgeous shiny Michael Kors designer watch (very elegant), a pair of pale blue sketchers (coz the heel has worn away on my current diesels and it hurts my ankle), plus a few cheap computer bits.. like memory sticks, multi card reader etc. Can’t believe how cheap electronic stuff is in HK. Thank you Mongkok Computer Centre! 🙂 Ok gotta go now! More updates and photos to come.

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